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New Old Stock of Italian Made Breast Drills

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A while ago I blogged about a Breast Drill that I bought on eBay and restored. I also mentioned that it is hard to find a good quality drills with concealed gears on the market today. After I wrote the blog I found a supplier of drills who held (and still does) a few tools on stock. I bought one drill for myself and three for our woodworking program.

The drills, contrary to what is embossed on the gear hood (German) were actually manufactured in Italy. If you buy one, be ready to spend some time removing the old solidified grease from the gears before introducing new synthetic grease. One more word of advice. The crank handle on one of the drills refused to disengage from the stem, but with the help of a tapered tang of a file and some light thumping by a mallet, I was able to nudge it out.

My students like to use these drills quite a lot, and although they are not built with the same precision level as the German Schroeder drill, at $28 a piece they are quite a bargain.

Here is the link to the new old stock of drills:

Read about the hard to find German Schroeder drill here.

– Yoav Liberman

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