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Quick Look at the New Bosch Palm Router – PopWood Playback

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This week on PopWood Playback, I took a quick look at the Bosch GKF12V-25N palm router. My initial impressions are good. The unit has an impressive fit and finish and I found no trouble in edge routing simple chamfers and roundovers. I will conduct a significantly longer test for an upcoming review on the tool, but I was just too curious about this router and wanted to get my hands on a unit as soon as possible. In our video this week, I shared these impressions and give you an idea of what to expect if you buy this unit.

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– David Lyell 

Favorite videos of the week. 
🎥 Steve Ramsey: https://youtu.be/7w3DGnX94zk
🎥 Dimensionswoodworks: https://youtu.be/–LSrsf1ORo
🎥 Jonny Builds: https://youtu.be/djgBkkzt4Eo
🎥 Wintergatan: https://youtu.be/8gUQA7jUNoo
🎥 Bart Kerswell: https://youtu.be/j1Az_wrxn78

PopWood Playback – Bosch Palm Router

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  • WillyW

    It’s a shame we can not enter the compation
    In the Netherlands because I alsof want to win a Palm router grom bosh

  • Btyhunter

    Looks like a cool little router

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