Winners of the 1/4″ Mortise Chisels from Veritas

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Congratulations to our two winners (notified in the comments below): dau300wsm and cam2705 – and thank you again to Lee Valley for allowing us to give away these two Veritas Mortise Chisels.

James McConnell (of The Daily Skep), wrote a tool review of the new Veritas mortise chisels for the April issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. He gave a workout to both an A2 and a PMV-11 blade, both in the 1/4″ size – and (spoiler alert) – he didn’t see a lot of difference in use, but was able to get the PMV-11 a bit sharper more quickly. And he likes the rounded heel of the blade. Click here to read his full review.

Lee Valley kindly offered to let us give away these chisels – I’d call them “gently used”…but there’s really no way to use a mortise chisel both gently and effectively – to two lucky readers. So if you’re interested in winning one,  leave a comment below by 12 p.m. EST Friday, Feb. 3. (Note: If this is your first time commenting on our site, I have to “approve” your comment before you’ll see it – but don’t fret – I will check the approval queue regularly, with a brief hiatus overnight to sleep….)

I’ll choose randomly from among the respondents to select the two winners at around 12:30 p.m. EST on Friday, and update this post with the winners. And apologies in advance, but it’s luck of the draw not only as to winning, but as to which tool each winner gets – they are both sharp and pointy and work well.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

287 thoughts on “Winners of the 1/4″ Mortise Chisels from Veritas

  1. woodworkjay

    I’m working on a project now with 28 mortise and tenon joints using bench chisels. A nice mortise chisel would certainly come in handy. Count me in to win!

  2. mill_cottage_atelier

    I’ve been looking at these. Megan, could you please return one of these to the country where it was made? 😉 Thank you!

  3. dau300wsm

    I have been debating which metal to get. I have a few PVM-11 plane blades and haven’t noticed much of a difference.

  4. Jesse T

    My Patrick Leach sourced 1/4″ vintage mortising chisel is too pretty to use. Please allow me the privilege of beating the snot out of one of these (I have the 1/2″ and it’s fantastic)

  5. norb kelly

    I like the way PMV-11 behaves more like O-1. I have had trouble with A2 secondary bevels chipping in hard maple.
    I liked the rounded heel on these the first time I saw them, and wanted to try one out. Never got that far, maybe this is the time to get lucky!

  6. indelicatow

    I would like to have a mortise chisel for my use, but I’m wondering why some people say 1/4″ is the most useful size? I thought mortises should be 1/3 the size of the joining rail, so that means an average size of 3/4″ material. I would have figured standard furniture was sized a bit larger?

  7. mikebarber

    ooooo, i could certainly use a 1/4″ mortise chisel (i’m slowly building my hand tool arsenal). i’ve thus far been attempting to mortise with my regular chisels and auger bits. :-p

    i’ve been very curious to read other people’s experiences with A2 and PMV blades, too.

  8. Duci

    One more who is just getting into woodworking and would appreciate a fine tool like these chisels are. Thanks for giving these away.

  9. Jim Dee

    Please enter me for a chance to WIN. I am not sick of winning yet. Far from it. Perhaps this means I am actually not an American.

  10. Peter.spencer

    I’ve never used an actual mortising chisel… always just made do with my Marples. I’d love to use one of these. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  11. pmac

    I’m in. Would love, fingers crossed, the pmv11 but beggars can’t be choosers. Also curious how many new people you had to approve when all is said and done.

  12. TheKid17

    Thank you for the opportunity. I was just beginning research on mortise chisels. I cannot afford a machine. This would be an excellent start as I gain more experience working with wood. Thanks again.

  13. gtrboy77

    Count me in on the drawing. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to try a Veritas chisel. I’ve heard they’re quite nice.

  14. TigerTed

    Please send my way.. Have a project with 30 1/4″ mortises coming up.. I’ll let you know how they really hold up!

  15. jgtb

    I’d love one of those Veritas chisels – it would be very interesting to see how it compares to my 1/4″ Eskilstuna

  16. Jonas Jensen

    Something is rotten in the State of Denmark. “Jonas needs a chisel to carve it out.”

    Megan will direct it to come his way.

    Shakespeare might be on to something here 🙂

  17. Red Beard

    I’ve been looking at purchasing these. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to win. Very awesome! Count me in.

  18. Therealjared

    Would love one of the Canadian mortise chisels. Do some mortises a bit easyier then using a regular bench chisel.

    1. Bmd.cargill

      Just getting started woodworking and have only done mortises with my bench chisels. Would love to try a tool dedicated to mortising! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  19. jtoulon

    Can’t beat Lee Valley or Popular Woodworking. My wife and I recently celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. I surprised her with a trip to Victoria, BC, selected the location partially so I could go to Lee Valley. Joke was one me, she spent more money than I did while we were there!

  20. Goodwin

    This just might be the day it pays,
    To check this blog every two days,
    To win a new chisel,
    Would make me scream and whistle,
    And let me join this hand mortising craze


  21. Dwbuck55

    I have been doing all my mortise holes with a standard beveled chisel. I could really use one of these! Cheers!

  22. jqlouie

    I would really like to experience the Veritas Mortise Chisel, because, drill, drill, drill, and then pare is how I’ve been working for a very long time. Change could be interesting and fun.

  23. 7-Thumbs

    Why yes, I could always use yet another chisel. One of these would be just wonderful to have. Thanks for offering.

  24. Inspignant

    Wow, there are many deserving people that have posted. I too would love the opportunity to own some good tools again. I’m slowly trying to start acquiring tools again. I had a full woodshop, powermatic table saw, jet thickness planer and jointer, Grizzly drill press…. Goodness the list goes on and on. I sold every bit of it in order to get my beautiful wife and kids here to the US. It took me three years and a lot of hard work. I can say that I am a happy man now that they are finally here and I would do it all again for my family. But at the same time, a man loves his hobby and his passion. I have only started to re-acquire the basics just so I can start building again. By trade, I’m a cabinet builder for VIP corporate jets and helicopters. I can say though, it’s difficult to build such beautiful monuments for work but not be able to come home and build the quality of furniture my family I know would love and deserve. Thanks for the opportunity and Good luck to everyone.

  25. Callen

    My wife bought me a set of Lie-Nielsen bevel edge chisels for Christmas the year I went to The Landing School for boat building. But I don’t have any mortise chisels. I could put your Veritas chisel to work very nicely.

  26. Mike890

    Hi Megan, hello from NZ. Would love to try one of these. a bit hard to get hold of ‘down under’. Regards, Mike

  27. Rcho

    I’d been eyeing the exact size Veritas mortise chisels for some time now. Winning one would be wonderful!

  28. Kenpul3

    I don’t have any Mortise Chisels yet. I am slowly building my hand tool selection and one of those would be amazing!

  29. bdauser

    I’d love to acquire this Mortise Chisel. I’m still trying to build up my collection of tools and this will be a nice addition.

  30. steventucker16

    This Would be my very first mortise chisel I would love to win either one thank you very much !

  31. ADadAndHisKids

    A real chisel would be awesome to have to give me a taste of what I need to get in the future.

  32. Salvador Flores

    I love Veritas tools. For a while I cut my mortises by hand with standard chisels. Then I switched to router but now i want to go back to the chisel method and i think a real mortise chisel will help me get square to the surface (which has been the most difficult thing to me)

  33. nbreidinger

    I can see an advantage to the PMV-11 in this case. If you’re like me I tend to let me mortise chisels go a lot longer between sharpenings. There’s no real advantage in most applications to worry about a perfect edge, mostly because you damage it with the first whack. Completely different story with a smoothing plane. So surface quality doesn’t matter much but getting back to sharp quick is. So PMV-11 would be worth the extra few bucks in my opinion. Thanks for the giveaway Lee Valley and Popular Woodworking!

    1. Cory

      Just started milling lumber for a split to Roubo bench so I can explore hand tools. I have a lot of mortises in my near future to put one to good use.

  34. Daver

    Megan, I apologize for all the gruff I’ve given you over not completing your PHD. So add my name to the hat.

      1. DaveS2

        Hmm… Whacking wood or generating gerunds in the basement? Pursuing woodworking seems to me like a better hobby than pursuing a PhD.
        Add me to the list of wood-be chislers, too, please.

  35. Apolansky

    I would love one of these! Just started into woodworking and made my first dovetail blind joints the other day. This chisel would have definitely come in handy, Thank you for the chance!

  36. BlueEnamel

    It’s tough to beat a chance to win a quality tool. In a mortising chisel, I’d figure edge durability and toughness would be the most important trait. Also, type of wood makes a difference. Chopping mortises in pine or cedar is significantly different than maple or oak. Pine and cedar are very easy to crush instead of cut, while maple and oak have much harder fibers.

  37. FineWoodTools

    Awesome give away! I’d be interested in one if I was so lucky to be chosen. Thank’s for doing this Megan.

  38. dperrott

    95% of my tools are flea market finds. Once I would like something that is in working condition as soon as I receive it.

  39. ponytrack

    Just getting into wood working. So far picture frames and smaller projects. But I’d like to get into traditional joinery too!

  40. Pittstopwoodworking

    I was just looking at picking up a mortise chisel today! I’d love a free one though.

  41. baermj

    Please, please. Anything but Slytherin, anything but Slytherin.
    Well if you’re sure, better be… Lee Valley!

  42. D.nacht

    I will soon be starting my leg & rail project in cabinetmaking school. I’d love to use one of these to make the mortises for my haunch tenons!

  43. b_houf

    I have been eyeing these for months , but could never justify the expense. Winning one would be pretty great.

  44. e2designs

    I have only recently started working with hand tools. I would be interested in seeing how this could speed up the mortises I will be making on my work bench project.

  45. Russellville

    A 1/4″ mortise chisel would make the mortises on my furniture projects much better. Would love to have one.
    I’ve been very happy with the products I have from Lee Valley.

  46. Edward Hopkins

    “There’s nothing in this world can make me joy [except a Veritas chisel]:
    Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale
    Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man [unless he be wakened by the winning of a mortising tool];
    And bitter shame hath spoil’d the sweet world’s taste [in lesser chisels]
    That it yields nought but shame and bitterness.”
    – apologies to William.

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      Wow – you’re one of the few, the happy few, who’ve actually read King John? (Not that I’ll be swayed by a deep dive into the bard, you understand…)

      1. Edward Hopkins

        Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying. And I’ll admit: I never finished King John. I’m sure I’d be a happier human being if I had. If only I had some motivation, some kind of hole-making tool to induce me…

    2. Edward Hopkins

      I was hoping to make this a thing. It’s easy folks: “A chisel! A chisel! My kingdom for a chisel!”

  47. well.executed

    Like everyone here, I’d be excited to receive one of these. I’ve only done mortices with my bench chisels and I’m sure these would be a huge improvement.

  48. jeffko

    I’m still putting together a small home shop, and I’d love to add a mortise chisel to my toolbox!

  49. festus77

    Just starting to chop mortises by hand in smaller cabinets (have been using 5″16″ in 7/8″ boards). This would be perfect !!!

    1. Jim McConnell

      And they’re really sharp because I put a wicked edge on them before putting them back in the boxes!

  50. brandonbeaumia

    Yes! The most useful size, and you can’t go wrong with anything Veritas. Though, I’m very glad there wasn’t a big difference in performance between A2 and PMV-11: makes it easier to purchase the cheaper version without feeling like I’m missing out.

    1. Jim McConnell

      I preferred the way the PMV-11 took to the stones, but honestly, in use I saw very little difference. To get very technical, the PMV-11 edges lasted forever, but wore more like O-1 in that they just sort of gradually blunted. The A2 edges seemed a little more fragile and chipped when they dulled. If you want to see them under magnification you can dig back through my Instagram feed (james_son_of_james).

      In short, it’s hard to go wrong.

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