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Frank Klausz videoRoy Underhill videoAnd we’re going to give you the chance to try! Most PopWood fans know we offer full-length videos for sale as downloads, but have you discovered our streaming video site?

With almost 900 woodworking videos available, you can binge woodworking just like Netflix! And starting this Memorial Day weekend we’re going to give you a one-week free trial to get a taste of the woodworking video firehose!

Chris Schwarz videoTim Yoder videoAll your favorites are there, including Frank Klausz, Roy Underhill, some guy named Chris Schwarz and if you’re a fan of turning, we’ve got a full day’s worth with Tim Yoder!

Seriously! Watch videos on every type of joinery: dovetails, mortise & tenon everything! And we’re not particular, we’ve got videos for the hand tool woodworkers and for the power tool woodworkers (though we think you should embrace both … and we’ve got videos that talk about that!).

Learn to build tables, chairs and bookcases, touch up your finishing knowledge, build workbenches and other shop items, or just learn about some cool woodworkers. High quality, full-resolution videos at your fingertips that you can play on your computer, your tablet or even your smartphone.

So this Memorial Day weekend, once you’ve filled your plate once or twice at the family picnic, find a comfortable shade tree and pull up a favorite episode of The Woodwright’s Shop – until it’s time for dessert. Free. Seven Days. Why not!? Enjoy!

– David Thiel

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