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A Look Inside Kerry Pierce’s Shop: Part 2

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Kerry Pierce has written for Popular Woodworking for decades. His work covers dozens of magazine articles and books–so I guess I made some assumptions about what his shop would look like. As it turns out, Kerry Pierce has focused his energy on crafting beautiful furniture over creating the perfect shop.

When Kerry opened the garage door to the machine room of his shop, I was surprised that every machine had the Craftsman logo on it. In my own shop, I have a Craftsman table saw, but for someone like Kerry to use a machine that can be found in the same ad in the Sunday paper as mine–unbelievable. Perhaps I am spoiled watching woodworkers on YouTube with extraordinary machinery, but there was something magical knowing that a great craftsman uses the same saw I do.

Inside his workshop, I discovered Kerry’s system of several small workbenches instead of one large bench, his infinitely long lathe bed and a large skew chisel that first served this world as a butt chisel.

Check out the second part of Kerry’s shop tour in the video below.

– David Lyell

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  • St.J

    Love the lathe and the tool rest.
    Nice interview technique – let him do the talking. Very different from lots of woodworking interviews where the interviewer seems to be competing with the interviewee. Much appreciated.

  • jurgen01

    The two videos on Kerry Pierce are priceless. The combination of a good interviewer and a fascinating and very likable subject is hard to beat. Well done!

    • David Lyell
      David Lyell

      Thanks, I have seen some impressive shops before, but Kerry’s practical approach was really refreshing.

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