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I have visited a lot of woodworking clubs in North America since 1996, and I thought I had seen it all until I stepped into the Kansas City Woodworkers Guild’s enormous facility today.

Perched on top of a cave (Kansas City is full of caves), the club has more than 10,000 square feet of space for demonstrations, plus a bench room and a machine room (not to mention storage galore). The machine room is outfitted with equipment that most home woodworkers don’t have – a wide belt sander, CNC, SawStop cabinet saws etc. And the club is just about to bring on-line a 30” surface planer.

The bench room is filled with all manner of traditional benches and scrollsaws. A back room is dedicated to turning.

And the price to use all this equipment for club members? Just $75 a year.

If I lived in Kansas City I not only join, but I’d pare back my machinery collection, too.

All this is possible because of the active fundraising and activities of the members. They have a yearly auction, plus club members make plaques and other projects for businesses to help raise money for the club.

I’m in Kansas City this weekend to teach a two-day class in making a Dutch Tool Chest with 11 or 12 members. On Saturday night (Jan. 18), I’ll be giving a free talk on campaign furniture (I know, big surprise). The public is invited to attend – all you have to do in exchange is take a tour of the shop. Go to the club’s home page for details.


And if you are in my class tomorrow morning, be away of the bandage policy instituted by club President Rob Young. If you hurt yourself in some wussy way, you get a pink “Hello Kitty” bandage. If you do something epic, you earn a Spider Man bandage.

Please don’t be “epic” for my sake. I hope we don’t even need the pink bandages.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • Kyle Benson

    When are you going to come visit our guild’s shop in Greenville, SC? I think we give KC a run for their money.

  • thekiltedwoodworker

    Dang it. I’d forgotten all about having to pass up Rob’s invitation to take this class. I was kind of counting on my bad memory to get me past it. :-/

  • Jim McCoy

    Well, gee. After all these years watching The Woodwright’s Shop I had come to think that a small bloodletting was a requirement for working wood. When Roy has a bandaid on it just means he has already paid his dues. I thought my wife was the only one to humiliate me when I nick myself. This changes everything.

  • tsstahl

    Dibs on the tattoo!

  • aintgonnahappen

    Sounds nice and for some woodworkers using a community shop may be great, but I personally dont like having to answer to anyone when it comes to maintenance or whatever else in MY shop. Hey, its mine right.. But those are nice digs to be sure.

  • tsangell

    I met Raney Nelson at a LN event there a couple years ago (before his untimely pseudo-demise.) An incredible place.

  • thumphr

    As I’ll be attending the class over the weekend, I’m not sure 40 bandages will suffice.
    Already used one of mine just loading my tools this afternoon.


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