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I’ve been getting a bunch of nice images for the JPEG Wars that will be held as an extra, free event at Woodworking in America 2011.

This piece is by James Raines. He built this bookcase cabinet with highly figured walnut and curly maple. The sides, back and doors are all book matched fielded raised panels in mortise and tenon frames. Great work, James.

In case you didn’t know, James is now entered into a prize drawing just for submitting his images. He will also qualify for a really expensive hand tool if our as yet un-named guest judge picks his work as the best of the wars. Good luck, James, and for everybody else, keep the images coming in.

Which gets me wondering… what do you think about making a gallery of current work a regular part of the web page? Would you be interested in submitting JPEGs of your work to have other viewers comment or not? Or maybe a gallery of images where you could critique works in progress? I’m open to all suggestions and look forward to your comments.

Ajax Alexandre

Also, keep in mind that the early bird discount for WIA 2011 is August 14th, saving you $40.

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  • Affinity Millworks

    I think it’s a great idea! I’d love to see other woodworkers styles from around the world. We have a bunch of pics of custom peices we’ve made in our shop in Fort Worth Texas. A lot are on our website to under the portfolio and custom cabinets section. Feedback would be great!

  • David Keller

    A gallery would be most welcome. But some sort of organization is a necessity to make it useful. If you want some ideas, check out the organization and search scheme at the Chipstone Foundation’s Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture hosted by the University of Wisconsin – Madison:

    This library is frequently consulted by members of SAPFM because of its ease of searchability, pictures of construction details, and the famous nature of the content.

  • Bartee

    I think some kind of gallery would be GREAT !!

    maybe 4-6 pictures with simple system to identify tables, chairs, cabinets. Or maybe just tags

    Date, type of material, link to craftsman.

    You could experiment with the submissions that you are getting for the event.

    Looking forward to WIA 2011

  • djgaloot

    An overall picture and perhaps a few detail shots of interesting features would be great. I agree that some observations from the creator explaining the vision or purpose for a piece and any interesting challenges or facts would add value for the reader. I also appreciate an eclectic mix of styles and would hope to see a broad range of work.
    Your doing a great job Alax!

  • tsstahl

    It’s always great to see the work of others. More interesting are the brief blurbs concerning history, gotcha’s, or other interesting trivia related to the piece.

    Here are some frank observations from my experience with other publishers who do this.

    Editorial starvation: Little policing of the posts and photos creates a sea of mediocrity that is often not worth the time to wade through.

    Editorial distance: Removing all traces of the submitter by telling any story in third person creates a contrived collection populated solely by cookie cutter submitters. Let’s face it, time pressures being what they are, only the ‘easiest’ submissions make the cut.

    Defending editorial turf: Submissions that run counter to or in advance of the editorial calendar are summarily denied. Also, work that seems to be of higher caliber than what is being published is passed over.

  • KingArthur900

    I’d love to see a gallery of other folks work. It really expands my conception of what’s possible when I see the variety and creativity that others are capable of. I don’t think that my work is up to the level that I want to submit it yet, but maybe one day. . .


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