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Joinery with Frank Klausz – A Bridle Joint

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Anyone who’s ever watched, or seen Frank Klausz speak in public understands that they’re learning from a guy who knows what he’s talking about. Joinery? You bet! He’s tried them all and likely tried multiple different ways to create them (by hand, machine and often bow saw!). So you’re going to learn good information. Watching Frank make a corner bridle joint on a table saw isn’t just about watching him make that joint. You’re learning about the jig to make the best cuts on the table saw. You learn about fitting the pieces together…what’s too tight and what’s just right. Heck, he’ll even show you the best way to glue the joint.

Suffice to say, it’s always educational to watch Frank work. And it’s even fun to watch Frank work. There’s always a little sparkle in his eyes and if you listen closely you’ll hear that subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) Hungarian humor. If you’re learning woodworking it should be a pleasure, and that’s what you get when you learn from Frank Klausz. Enjoy the video below on making a corner bridle joint with Frank.

David Thiel


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  • Loxmyth

    Please be aware that for the past few months, videos in these emails and on the web pages they link to have refused to play on Android Chrome, either my phone (Pixel 1) or tablets (Lenovo). You might want to check what you’re doing differently.

    • chabber

      Ahhh… Good call. I have the same issue. Video links don’t work in Android chrome.

    • David Lyell
      David Lyell

      Hey, thanks for letting us know. We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue in the office. We have one Samsung device test on and it seems to be working. Send me an email so I can follow up,

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