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Thomas Lie-Nielsen called this morning to ask if I was dropping out of the “Handplane Weekend” class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking on May 14-15 that I help him teach.

Oops. No — I’m still in.

class has become such a part of my routine every year that I plum
forgot about it. It’s a great two days of instruction, and the class has
evolved during the years that Thomas and I have been teaching it. In
addition to planes, we also get into saws a bit, and Thomas has been
demonstrating saw sharpening. Meanwhile, I’ve been adding in more stuff
on joinery planes to the class.

Plus the other fun aspect of the
class is that it is like a candy store. Thomas brings a whole load of
tools for people to try out.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • John Cashman

    How about teaching a class at Lie Nielsen? They started offering a classes right at the factory, and it seems pretty natural. It could come right before or after your next video shoot.

    It seems easier to haul a lanky writer around than a few tons of tools.

  • Doug F.


    A word used to emphasize or draw attention to the following word, especially in a positive setting, although it can be used in a variety of settings.

    Person 1: I got the job!
    person 2: That’s plum awesome!

    or alternatively

    Person 1: She dumped me on by birthday dude…
    person 2: That’s plum lame

    Taken from http://www.urbandictionary.com

  • Jim Blue

    Plum is a midwest region slang word. It will be plum interesting to here/read Chris’s explination.


  • Denny LaVe

    Wouldn’t that be be "plumb", as in straight up and down? Just a thought.



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