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mikewallaceI’m excited to be the newest addition to the Popular Woodworking staff. I’ve spent my career as a reporter, editor or copy desk chief for a number of newspapers, but most importantly, I’m an avid hobby woodworker. I’m the least accomplished woodworker on staff by far, but I have a passion for the subject and I’m looking forward to learning from readers and my co-workers. (Pins or tails first? Uh, how about pocket screws?)

What else? I’m a native Texan, graduated from the University of Texas, served eight years in the Texas Army National Guard, have two daughters in college, and my wife and I live in Dayton. We moved to Ohio 13 years ago and while we love it here, these winters still feel awfully cold. (And don’t get me started on Cincinnati chili – it’s a tasty dish, but please — it ain’t chili.)

And, cliché that it is, my father and both grandfathers all built things. My grandfather was a carpenter when he was young, and spent decades at Brown & Root on large projects. My father also worked for Brown & Root and other companies as a construction supervisor, building pipelines, refineries and whatnot.

My other grandfather was a mechanical engineer, so tools and building things is in my DNA. When he passed away last year, I was given many of his tools – and it’s a good feeling keep his things in use.

And with a wife who crafts and sews, there is always something being created at home. (And the occasional project assigned to me – “Can you build some cabinets in the basement for my fabric?”)

As senior managing editor for the F+W Woodworking Community I’ll be involved with magazine, book and video production. I’ll be watching deadlines, editing articles, keeping up with contracts and paying contributors, and mostly working behind the scenes to keep us all on course.

Have a story idea? I’ll be your first contact for article proposals, letters and general inquiries — so drop me a line at:

Michael Wallace
Popular Woodworking Magazine
8469 Blue Ash Rd. Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Or just click on my name below to send an e-mail:

Mike Wallace

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  • 8iowa

    Welcome Mike:
    I’ve attended two WIA’s and have enjoyed becoming acquainted with the staff. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you as well.
    By-the-way, my “Workshop in the Woods” is in the Upper Peninsula where the real Winter is…..they also have Pasties. (No. not that kind!)

  • creatingsawdust

    Senior Managing Editor? What happened to the “Managing Editor?”

  • Sawduster

    A hearty welcome to . I’m an avid reader of, and thus, will enjoy your contributions to PW

  • jeberle

    I’ll start by saying welcome AND agreeing with you that that “stuff” they sell in Cincinnati IS NOT chili



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