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I have no Santa hat for Shakespeare; the jester's cap will have to suffice.

I have no Santa hat for Shakespeare; the jester’s cap will have to suffice.

Like just about every other company that sells stuff, we have deals going on for Pre-Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday…silly sales Saturday? Not-so-subtle-sales-pitch Sunday? OK – as much as I hate crass commercialism, we really do have some good deals in all the interest areas we serve at F+W Media – and you needn’t leave your house to take advantage of them. Or even put on proper pants (I plan to stay in my fleece lounge pants until Monday morning).

So without further ado, here are most (I’m sure I’ve forgotten one or two) of the many interest areas in which F+W Media has books, magazines and videos (and a smattering of implements in some areas), and links to deals in their stores – and yes, we have sales going on at as well…but this isn’t about you ;-).

Gardening (Wish I had more time for this)

Writing (Pretty sure I’ve a novel inside me…where it will likely stay)

Graphic Design (I pretend to know GD – but I really know only just enough to make our designer roll his eyes)

Hunting (Not gonna lie – I prefer my meat to come wrapped in plastic)

Living Ready (For those who are off the reservation…or planning to go there)

Knives (Hey – they use oilstones, too!)

Sewing (Doubt I’ll ever progress beyond curtains)

Jewelry Making (Oooooh – shiny!)

Beading (So many teeny pieces)

Crochet (Nope – I got nothing here)

Spinning (cloth, not bikes)

Knitting (I love sweaters; why does no one in my family knit?!)

Quilting (I could use a few more on my bed)

Fine Art (I draw excellent stick figures)

Numismatics (a.k.a. coin collecting; I spelled “numismatics” incorrectly in my fifth-grade spelling bee; I’m almost over the shame)

Old Cars (I still miss my ’78 Saab…but the damn thing was in the shop 80 percent of the time) (use code: “HOLIDAY20” at checkout)

Genealogy (too hard to spell)

Collecting: Antiques, Toys, Records, Baseball Cards and more (I suspect I have what might be called a tool collection – oops) (use code: “HOLIDAY20” at checkout)

All Kinds of Stuff (Humor, Cooking, Memoir, Pets, Parenting…and my favorite: “Why Men Love Bitches“…which seems to not be so) (use code: “HOLIDAY20” at checkout)

And, of course, Woodworking

Hope you all have a happy, safe and carb-loaded Thanksgiving. Now I’m off to mash 10 pounds of potatoes.

— Megan Fitzpatrick


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  • sqmorgan

    Nice list…Thanks for posting. (Seems to me there should be a “Pneu” in that coin word).

  • Bryan Robinson


  • Bryan Robinson

    Gobble, gobble to you, too!

    Have a god one.


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