Friday giveaway

Friday Giveaway

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The winner of the Lee Valley gift card is “disavowed00.” Thanks to everyone for all the great comments on our giveaway posts over this year. It’s nice to hear from everyone and I always appreciate hearing back from winners about what they think about our books. Here at Popular Woodworking we appreciate all of our readers and the community that this craft has inspired. We wish you the very best during this holiday season and a very prosperous new year. Cheers everyone!

No book giveaway this week. Instead I’m giving away $100 Lee Valley gift card to one lucky winner! Thanks for all the great comments each Friday throughout the year – it’s been fun to read all the smart, funny stuff you guys have posted and hear about what you’re working on. We’ll probably get another giveaway or two in before the end of the year, but I wanted to give you guys a crack at this gift card before the holiday. Simply post a comment below and 1 winner will be chosen at random. Winner will be announced Thursday 12/21/17. Seasons greetings from your friendly neighborhood book editor!

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  • MichaelP78

    I hope I’m not too late!

  • dmp0309

    Sign me up, thanks!

  • Gary

    Count me in! Thanks!

  • ebelair

    That’d be a pretty swell thing to come by this time of year, sign me up!

  • Frank Ruggiero

    Sign me up

  • Derrick

    Count me in. Thanks!

  • Julius E

    Seasons greetings, sign me up!

  • lowbelly

    Can’t type well…have sawdust in eyes.

  • Ed Furlong

    Great prize–Count me in!

  • gregworks


  • josephtjohnson

    Count me in on this!

  • Al Reed

    OOhhh. Lee Valey..

  • woodworkjay

    Lee Valley, oh my pretty!!

  • Dave

    Randomness, be my friend!

  • Haasebert

    Yes, please!

  • JAPence

    Sign me up!

  • Gene

    Christmas comes early!

  • aaronk

    heyhey! yes please 🙂

  • Bill Lattanzio

    A free gift card…a week before Christmas…count me in!

  • sitzpkt1998

    I would love to have this.

  • shrub0

    Thanks for the chance

  • ss198

    Very generous giveaway right in time for the holidays! Thanks!

  • 4th generation woodworker

    This is exactly what I need for Christmas.

  • 4th generation woodworker

    This will help my wife nail my perfect gift!!!!

  • jb6646

    Ahh, I could get something without having to get the comptroller of the house to sign off.

  • cluther135

    Just another reason PWW has become my favorite WW magazine & site! BTW, the free lunchtime videos you’ve been posting are great…I even bought one.

  • kdtirrell

    Happy holidays everyone!

    • GregL

      Cool just in time for the boxing week sale.

  • woodbridge

    just finishing up my new workshop and ready to buy more tools.

  • kaw-liga

    Hope it’s my lucky week!

  • lochridge

    thank you

  • indelicatow

    This is incredibly generous, thank you!

  • DaveS2

    I’d be happy if I got carded here.

  • buoyd

    Great giveaway!

  • pchast

    That’ s a good idea for a prize. Allowing the winner to
    fulfill their individual needs.

  • Greg2242

    This is a nice start on buying new plane. I need this

  • ohlund

    Please pick me!

  • williamhdixon

    I would like in on this. I commented yesterday, but my entry still shows “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Does that mean that I’m not going to be entered in this giveaway?

  • Edward Hopkins

    I enjoy receiving free things.

  • forja000

    Such a nice giveaway! I would be glad to use it!! 😉

  • disavowed00

    Definitely in! Thanks!

  • maxeverything

    Yes, please, and thank you. Quite a giveaway.

  • Cliff

    Add me in.

  • Geoffrey Bentz

    Oooh…I’d love to add a smoothing plane to my Lee Valley block plane!

  • Mike


  • Rexus7

    My Precious

  • Rusty7775

    One hundred bucks at Lee Valley? EZ!

  • Mike Stauss

    Count me in!

  • Daver

    Sign me up.

  • rjhanby

    Count me in, please

  • paulfickes

    Love Lee Valley gift cards

  • DKane16

    That’s an awesome prize!

    • paulfickes

      I love to win Lee Valley gift cards!

  • mbbrogan

    Love Lee Valley, good prize.

  • Jshaff1

    Thanks to everyone at Popular Woodworking for a wonderful year of content. Happy Holidays!

  • nemeth100

    Yes Please!

  • swiltzius

    Gift cards are this wood workers gateway drug. I usually end up spending twice or more it’s value and as a result my beautiful understanding patient wife no longer gives me gift cards 🙂

  • mwkeller7

    Big money! No whammies!

  • Muellers

    That would be an early Christmas.

  • JimMcD

    Finally able to dedicated more time to my woodworking hobby and a $100 Lee valley gift card would
    really help.

  • MichaelP78

    I could spend $100 very quickly on Lee Valley. My wish list for their store is never ending.

  • Indy Mike

    Sign me up!

  • jeffreyi

    Me too! Thanks for doing this.

  • gnuckols

    I’m in!

  • dogramaci

    LV is best

  • rycomm

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  • JoshuaM

    Happy holidays everyone!

  • tsharp9164

    I would put the card to good use. Thank you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • mwilt

    I love good gift card. Perfect fit every time.

  • J Ryan

    These are not the droids you are looking for…

  • adritchey


  • galooticus


  • rotx

    Yes please

  • williamhdixon

    Sounds good to me. Count me in!

  • Willy638

    Yes, please.

  • roccaways

    Great giveaway!

  • baermj

    This will go nicely with the Airing of Grievances at Festivus this year.

  • frossm

    Count me in! My wishlist at LeeValley is longer than Santa’s list 🙂

  • gildedrain

    I just finished building two Arts & Crafts bookshelves for my sister-in-law’s wedding gift. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • sirgareth

    Lee Valley is a fine store. This would be very handy since I have my eye on their router plane. Thank you for the giveaway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

  • pmac

    Well thank you. That’s very generous and a perfect give away for the season.

  • Tony

    Donate the card to a kid in trade school. We need more people working with their hands. Their hearts and minds will follow.

  • tomwiarda

    Just in time for Christmas. I can sure use it.

  • Neitsdelf

    Please don’t give the card to one of those guys, give it to me. Thank you for your kind consideration.

  • jqlouie

    This will get me a little closer to getting my plough plane!

  • David

    Sure. Who couldn’t use that!

  • sebastian1974

    Now that is a prize I could really enjoy

    • corgimas

      sawweeeeet! i’m in!

  • jflickinger

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • JMAW Works

    uhm, yes please.

  • DarkPhoenixe

    That would make a fantastic Christmas gift for my favorite woodworker!

  • jpinkston


  • JADobson

    Hurrah. the store down the street already knows me by name. This won’t help. Merry Christmas all.

  • Tofflerfan

    I’m in.

  • jsailor

    What a wonderful Christmas present.

  • Shawn Nichols

    Merry Christmas to me if I win.

  • jmjenk

    That would be nice to have!

  • Riven Joiner

    Hope to get those spoon bits I’ve been eyeing! Thanks!

  • gsuing

    The card is mine. Thank you very much.

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