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I received a bunch of requests for a free sample of a digital issue, so you could try it out on various computers and tablet devices. So here you are. Just click on the link below to download the PDF, and see what you think – though I should mention that in the actual issues, the pages are bookmarked for easy navigation; these are not…perhaps because it’s Friday afternoon and I’m feeling a wee bit lazy. Or tired. Or both.

If you like what you see and want to order a digital subscription, the “order now” line on the last page of the PDF will take you directly to our store with just one click.


— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • SeaQuest

    I’ve just converted my current subscription to digital. Can I now download the entire current issue in digital format. I do have the sample issue.

  • SD-Don

    I tried the pages on my Kindle, which supports PDF. The pictures look great, graphics are there, and all the text, but the text is much too small to read without magnification. To work on the Kindle, I think the pages will need to be formatted into smaller chunks.

  • dmac4870

    Good Morning,

    Nice layout and clean pages in the digital version. Of course, being a dinosaur, I really really like hard copy….so my question would be, do you all plan to offer combined subscriptions at a discount rate for those who want to archive hard copy magazines (which are much easier to read in the rest room than on laptop!) and still download digital copy (which are less conspicuous when reading at work!)?

    Thanks so much!

  • hum099

    I just subscribed to the digital version. I saved the file to the ipad2 and iphone 4 in ibooks. The photographs to not show up. The illustrations do. Any idea what is wrong.

  • hum099

    I just ordered a one year subscription. I saved the digital file in ibooks on the ipad and iphone 4. The images do not show up. The illustrations do but the photographs are blank.

  • RDMuller

    Looks very good on my desktop and laptop computers. I have not yet bought an iPad. Question: Is there a video file format that you could insert video clips into the PDF and have it work on the ipad and iphone? Apple does not allow Flash video to playback on these devices.

    Thank for allowing for saving the PDF file and allowing it be noted, hilited, trimmed, etc if you own Adobe Acrobat (production version, not the reader). I tested all of this and the permissions are set up with end users in mind.

  • tcaley4

    I have to ask why does a digital version without printing costs, or paper, or postage cost more than the paper version? I just received my renewal for the paper version for one year it is only 15.99.

  • Fred West

    Megan, I like this format quite a bit. By any chance have you all considered making your advertiser’s ads live? Maybe there could be an up charge for having a live link. Fred

  • kct3937

    So now when I’m in traffic and I’m just about hit by someone using a handheld device while driving, I can cut them some slack because they are reading Popular Woodworking???

    Can’t happen you say,,,not so; happened less than two(2) week(2) ago. Tablets and iPads seem to be the weapon of choice as cell phones are too easy to see…and we do have fines for this sort of multitasking here.

  • wklees

    Wooo hoooo! Wow. I just subscribed to the digital issue and I’m so happy. My ancient tired eyes can see what fabulous photography that you guys have been doing all along that I just couldn’t see in the paper issue. And I can magnify the pages as much as I want. Gosh. Compared to some of the sad digital pdf books with wimpy color and substandard resolution that Taunton is selling for half the price of a paperback, the digital June issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine is magnificent. It almost makes up for not having Woodworking Magazine around anymore.

    Thanks guys.

  • hfbowern

    Have you deteremined whether current paper subscribers can convert their remaining issues to digital format as well as how we can do this?



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