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Frank Klausz’s ‘Secret’ Water-tight Joint

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water-tight joint

In the video excerpt below, Frank Klausz shows you how to make a traditional boatbuilder’s joint that will hold water (or keep it out, I suppose, for a boat…)

Frank Klausz reveals the family secret – how to make the watertight wood-on-wood joint for the bottom of his sharpening pond – a boatbuilder’s joint taught to him by his grandfather. It takes a special shop-made tool…from a material that you likely already have on hand. (I think I’ve enough of this particular thing to make at least 40 of them…I need to clean out the basement.)

The pond also features sliding dovetails to join the four sides – with six shoulders on each joint, even a little slop won’t matter, Frank says; what little water might get in will swell the joint enough to tighten it up.

For 7+ hours of expert (and fun!) instruction from Frank, get his “Joinery Master Class” video.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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