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Frank Klausz: The Man Behind the Bowsaw

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Frank Klausz

I have a strange relationship with Frank Klausz. Frank doesn’t know it, but I’ll share it with you.

I went to work with my father in his custom woodworking shop when I was in high school, and worked there through college. I learned much from my dad, but I also lost something in the process – the dynamic of father and son. Decades later dad and I are on good terms, but it’s never been a father and son relationship since those early days. Frank had a similar experience with his father, and it affected his life for many years before he and his father were able to reconnect.

From another point of view, I sense my father in Frank. Dad came from Germany and went in search of the American dream. Dad’s way was the right way. Sound familiar?

But there’s much more to Frank than the surface information. During a week-long video shoot at Frank’s workshop in New Jersey last year, I and our studio manager, Ric, had the chance to “hang” with Frank and his wife Edith. We shared lunches and dinners, coffee and beer, and we got to know a lot about Frank and his family. We took that same opportunity to turn the cameras on and just talk to Frank. About everything…Hungary, his father, coming to America, his business and life after retirement. I think it’s a great opportunity to get to know the man behind the persona. I’m glad I had the chance, and I’m delighted we have the chance to share the experience with you.

Maybe I’ll take a copy of the DVD over to my dad’s and we can watch it together.

To get your own taste of the video, watch the trailer below (or click the title to get your own copy of “Woodworking Legends: An Interview with Frank Klausz”).

David Thiel

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  • mikeholz

    When I saw the interview with Frank was available I couldn’t buy it fast enough! I really enjoyed learning the details of his life and his move to America. He’s truly a unique man and I hope he continues to make instructional videos for a long time.

    One question remains unanswered however.

    Why did he paint all the tools in his shop army green? 🙂


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