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Workshop Tips: Dovetailed Drill Press Table

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To avoid making a new wooden drill press table each time one gets full of holes, I made a table with a dovetail-shaped sliding insert. The insert has room for many more holes, and is easily replaceable. By extending one end, it can also support long stock. Removing the insert also creates a cavity for a sanding drum.

The table is two layers thick, each made from 3/4″ MDF. Attach the bottom layer, or subbase, to the cast iron table of your drill press. Make the top layer—the working table—whatever size you want. Cut a center section about 3″ wide, and make a few extra centers for use later. Saw the angled edges of the table’s pieces at 20°.

Clamp the front piece, the insert, and the back piece together on top of the subbase and center the insert under the chuck. Screw the working table’s front and back pieces to the subbase.

— Clinton Jones

dovetailed drill press table

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