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Woodworking Sex Appeal

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Have you found members of the opposite sex pay more attention to you after they discover you’re a furniture maker? Or, after taking up the craft, your spouse brags to all her friends that she suddenly finds you more manly? It’s not the oil stain under your fingernails, nor the callouses your growing (unless like Curley in Steinbeck’s “Of MIce and Men,” you always wear a glove on one hand as a special consideration for the missus). No, it’s just that as a furniture maker you’re expressing that romantic side that’s not so evident in your everyday work as an accountant, insurance salesman, UPS delivery man or magazine editor.

The sex appeal of woodworking was made clear in a recent clip from the TV show, “Portlandia.” The ladies are swooning over the newly minted furniture maker in town. Be forewarned, there is a caveat, but you’ll have to watch the clip .

– Steve Shanesy

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  • Danny H.

    Funny, I’ve experienced just the opposite since I retired 7 years ago as a UPS driver ! Of course now that I’m in the wood shop and not out on the road , no one see’s me, so it’s hard to judge !

  • bobbollin

    I’m from the Portland area.

    “Portlandia” is all absolutely true stuff.

  • markholderman

    Sexy woodworker? Depends on what I’m making and my wife’s response to the item. A cabinet for my chisels? Not sexy. A cabinet for my wife’s lingerie? Sexy!!

  • RLMillard

    I hoped there was some truth to this, but my experience of nearly 30 years as a woodworker, doesn’t bode well.

  • spudhogg

    So….now that I’ve retired and woodworking I have sex appeal….but when I was a UPS driver…not so much. You learn something new every day!

  • B Jackson

    Then I watched the video … no sound, unfortunately out of commission …. and just about fell out of my chair, I was laughing so hard!!!!

  • B Jackson

    Just the comments make my day. Thanks!!!

  • woodworker4800

    Too funny! This guy has the potential to be an editor. Another bearded woodworker makeing knock-down furnture. He should fit right in at Popular Woodworking. LOL

  • tms

    I’m a Seattle native, and I have always disliked the show Portlandia. My wife (who loves the show) is from Virginia, and says the reason I dislike it, is that it hits too close to home. Now, I really hate Portlandia.


  • chrismobley

    Too funny! I have never really stopped an thought about this concept.
    Chris Mobley

  • philjohnwilliams

    Damn geolocking. Can’t watch the video from Canada.

    • pmcgee

      Non-US … “Tunnelbear”. Very good. 🙂

      Shmirk :-/

  • Jon

    I’ll bet not as funny as the episode of Parks and Recreation” with Nick Offerman and Megan Mulally. Even if it had several staff and writers from FWW.

  • Bill Lattanzio

    Firstly, the woodworking sound effects are beyond hysterical. Secondly, I never really considered one way or the other if the opposite sex found woodworking sexy. But, the truth is, deep down, they really do. I won’t say how I know, but I do know…:)

  • muthrie

    LOL! I was just watchin’ Portlandia and sayin’ that they needed to do a woodworker. Ha ha ha!

    “Or, after taking up the craft, your spouse brags to all her friends that she suddenly finds you more manly?” Manly! I hope not. 😀

    • tnoll

      And if you’re a woman woodworker, they find you more manly too!

  • Marlon1

    Love It!

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