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Woodworking Magazine now on CD

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During the last two years, we’ve been experimenting with a magazine idea called Woodworking Magazine. So far, we’ve published five issues (a sixth is on the way). It’s quite different than other magazines. It has no advertising. It’s black-and-white on the inside. And the stories are different, too. In a nutshell: We take the conventional wisdom of woodworking and put it to the test in our shop.

Here’s a quick example: What’s the best way to cut a rabbet joint? Ask 20 woodworkers and you’ll get 20 answers. Our approach is to try all 20 of those rabbet-making techniques and find out which ones make the cleanest rabbets with the fewest tools, simplest setups and safest techniques.

Also, we review esstential tools no one else does (6″ rules, dial calipers, moisture meters). And we don’t shy away from blending hand and power techniques. You’re just as likely to see a plow plane in our magazine as you are a powered planer.

So far, this experimental magazine has been available only on the newsstands, and we’ve sold out of the first three issues entirely. So we’ve reissued all five of the first issues on a CD. As a bonus, we’ve enhanced these files with some digital wizardry that unlocks some pretty cool web content as well.

If you like Popular Woodworking, we think you’ll find Woodworking Magazine is an excellent companion. We like to think that Popular Woodworking offers some of the greatest techniques and projects from some of the country’s best woodworkers. Woodworking Magazine, on the other hand, helps you fill the holes in our essential skills that we all have from teaching ourselves the craft.

Check it out. We’re pretty proud of our sister magazine.

Christopher Schwarz

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