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Woodpile Reindeer Project for the Holidays

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I’ve been know to make fun of the 1997 “Stumpy the Reindeer” project…but I have to admit that it’s a cute and simple decorative piece for the holidays – and one you can make in about 10 minutes if you leave out the card slot in the reindeer’s back (and in 20 if you include it).

It might also be fun for the kids – give them some dowels and a bit and brace, then point them toward the firewood pile.

Just be sure to check Stumpy for infestation before bringing him indoors.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • RossCurry


  • Justin

    A cut list. It has…a cut list. LOL

  • pmac

    The wonderful thing about Stumpy is he will warm your heart during the holidays and your home after the holidays.

    • Bill Rainford

      On my way to work someone has their own version of stumpy out in the yard and I think about some of the funny stumpy stories — like the termites — every time I see it.

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