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Where to Get Horse Stall Mats?

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We’ve had several readers ask where we got our horse stall mats featured in the Feb. 3, 2010, newsletter. Reader Ken Zeiszler offer this advice:

I have my entire shop cover with these mats.  They do make it difficult to roll items around but they do save the feet and the tools. They can also be purchased at most farm supply stores, such as Mills Fleet Farm and Tractor Supply Co. or if in a large city look for a Restaurant Equipment & Supply Dealer where they are know as bar mats.  Some dealers have factory seconds and therefore are much less in cost.

– Ken Zeiszler, Brooklyn Center, MN.

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  • Cliff Polubinsky

    I’m planning my next bench so I just stood on the mat when I measured the distance from the floor.

    Also, I cut mine down from 1-4’x6′ mat to 3-2’x4′ mats. That let me put one in front of my bench, table saw, and router table.


  • megan

    I can’t speak for Chris, but the additional inch added to my height is, for me, worth the trade off for less painful knees at the end of a day at my bench…and to saw dovetails, I usually “borrow” Chris’s taller bench anyway.

  • John S

    After all that work building a personalized bench just to the right height, doesn’t a mat that thick make you too tall for it? In the picture above, it looks pretty thick.

  • Kelly B

    There are a variety of stall mats and flooring products out there. Check out this link for ideas:

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