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Who Do You Most Want to See at WIA?

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While I already have a couple of (virtual) handshake agreements with presenters for WIA 2015 (and a long list of potential presenters), next week (after the February 2015 issue is to the printer), I’ll be diving deep into the programming for next year’s conference (which is Sept. 25-27 in Kansas City, Mo.). And you can help.

• What one presenter would you most like to see?
• What one topic would be of most interest?

Please leave comments below!

— Megan Fitzpatrick


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  • William Lohr

    Drew Langsner, Marc Adams, Don Weber talking blacksmithing for woodworkers, anybody from the North Bennett Street School. A hands on sketchup course at the intermediate level (bring your own laptop). King Roy, of course; I cant get enough of that guy. Al Breed on carving and period pieces in general.

  • gstrasser

    I second the Greene and Greene mentioned by TRS as well a Arts and Crafts style in general Perhaps Titebond could explain the intricacies of using cyanoacrylate.

  • leslc

    The mayor of Cincinnati.

  • CTKC

    Christopher Schwarz Tricks/speed techniques using workbench features
    Lathe work and sharpening tools.

  • Craig Arnold

    Who: Nancy Hiller, Teri Masaschi
    What: Arts & Crafts design; Advanced finishing techniques

  • Hoka11Bondi

    Make sure Mr. Schwartz shows up

    • rwyoung


      • Megan Fitzpatrick
        Megan Fitzpatrick

        So are you Abbott or Costello in this scenario?

        • rwyoung

          I more closely resemble Costello (and when I cut my hair short, a certain Muppet).

  • Hoka11Bondi

    I would like the Woodworking in America event to be formatted differently, fewer classes at one time, presumably to help the ability to see more of the classes, probably extend the time a day or so.

  • EricT

    Larry Williams, Ron Herman, and Jeff Miller

    • William Lohr

      I second the motion for these three.

  • BKWC

    A presentation by one of the guys trained by and still working at the Sam Maloof workshop.

  • BZirkle

    Don Weber, Mike Wenzloff, John Economaki, Curtis Buchanan, Peter Ross, Tod Herrli, Don Williams, and Jeff Miller.

  • Graham Haydon
    Graham Haydon

    Frank Strazza would be nice. He’s got a wide portfolio and the standard of work is excellent.

  • miathet

    Veritas engineers on developing a modern take on old had tools. Like how and why plastic backed saws. BTW I own one and use it.

  • trs

    Darrell Peart or Thomas Stangeland
    Sessions on Greene and Greene.

  • gumpbelly

    That first Northern Kentucky exit sign, just before I go over to the convention center. Well you did ask.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      Who, not what 🙂

  • pharding

    David Charlesworth demonstrating the Secret Mitre Dovetail or anything other topic.

  • pmac

    Patrick Edwards and all things marquetry.

  • Kevinmad

    My wish list includes Curtis Buchanan, Peter Follansbee, Drew Langsner, Pete Galbert, and Kerry Pierce. Are you seeing a pattern here? These are some of my favorite authors and woodworkers (chair builders).
    Hope to see you all there! Kevin

  • Christopher Schwarz
    Christopher Schwarz

    French polishing Krenov-style birdhouses.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick


      • rwyoung

        UNPLUGGED French polishing Krenov-style birdhouses using only responsibly harvested cut nails and dainty workbenches with Zylss vices at each corner to manage a collection of home-made sable and yak hair brushes.

        • Megan Fitzpatrick
          Megan Fitzpatrick

          double sigh.

          • pmac

            As long as the harvested yak and sable hair conforms with CITES, I’m in.

          • Craig Arnold

            I agree with you, Megan.

    • pmac

      Is that something you’d like to see or present?

  • jeberle

    Matt Bickford and Ron Hock and that crazy guy who spends his summer’s on an island off the coast of Canada unplugged

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