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Video Short with Matt Cianci

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CianciAs editors, we search our two web sites ( and constantly for information for the online extras portion of all  articles and most columns – the information, we hope, is both relevant and interesting. While searching the sites, I often come across books, articles and DVDs that have scads of interesting information, including tips and techniques.

Because woodworkers are visual, I plan, over the coming weeks, to pull short snippets of some of the DVDs found at our store web site. Each clip has something useful, it’s not the same clip shared on the site (when there is a clip) and it gives you a look at what other information is found on that particular DVD.

Below is a short clip from “Build a Custom Backsaw with Matt Cianci” in which Matt demonstrates a cool technique for sawing a dead-flat and straight kerf. In the DVD, Matt shows this technique as he works on a saw tote, and it’s a technique that you could use elsewhere in woodworking. Also, Matt shares a couple of tips about saw totes, including what a bad blade kerf in your saw’s handle could mean to your sawing abilities. (Click the link above to get all the details on this DVD.)

— Glen D. Huey

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  • mlewis

    No problem here.

    It’s a shame the clip is not coming through for some, as the full video is very good and inspired me to try my hand at this, using the saw parts recommended in the DVD. Although some procedures are not as easy for a newbie as they appear to be for Matt C (It took several tries to cut a straight slot for the saw plate, and for me setting teeth this small from scratch required extra care and a magnifier), the result is a comfortable, smooth and accurate carcase saw. In the end, I don’t know whether I saved much money compared to buying from a premium maker, but it definitely was a lot of fun.

  • Publius Secundus

    For some reason, the video clip never appears below your lead paragraphs on my device.

    • Jim McCoy

      It doesn’t show up for me either. As I recall the one about Ron Herman’s restoring old tools didn’t either.


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