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Veritas Planing Stop (Or, Some Tasty Crow)

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Veritas Planing Stop

I scoffed a few months back when I opened a box from Lee Valley Tools in which was enclosed a 17-1/2″ Veritas Planing Stop. It’s a thin stick of aluminum with two steel posts that drop into dog holes. I could see how it would be handy, but hey – we’ve got garbage cans full of offcuts (the dumpster is sooooo far away); an offcut clamped across the bench (or just jammed up against a dog or two) makes an excellent planing stop. And it’s free.

However: I’ve been working double time for the last couple weeks to get a project done for the November issue (among other things), so when I needed to brace a thin panel for planing, I didn’t have time or the inclination to root through the trash for the perfect stick. Then I remembered the box at which I scoffed.

Well. This is some fine-tasting crow.

This piece of anodized aluminum is less than 1/4″ thick (so I had no concerns about running my planes into it, even when my panel was at finished thickness) and it is quite rigid; I experienced no flex, even when hogging off waste with a jack plane.

The two 3/4″-diameter posts (other sizes are available) slide in a T-track on the underside, and they’re easy to move into position for just about any dog-hole layout.

Does it work better than a stick? No, I guess not. But the posts are more convenient than clamps, I like the tip-to-toe low profile and there’s no risk of splinters. Plus, I no longer have to dig through the trash (there is some scary stuff in there). I’ve concluded that’s easily worth $28.50.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. The project on which I was working? I sprayed the finish today. The photo shoot? It’s tomorrow. My stress level over the last week? Off the charts. I’m so very glad to be done and writing this, bourbon at hand!

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  • bruce272

    I totally agree that is way cheaper to make one or two for your shop, but being a Lee Valley junkie and having way more interesting and income producing things that have to be done, I’d much rather pay LV to do it for me.
    Although I’m capable of making a 10″ cabinet saw, buying one makes more sense, and the return on my investment gets washed with two or three jewelry boxes sold in gallerys.

  • BLZeebub

    Indeed, nothing like a little stress to focus the mind. The missus tried to flood the house while she was “multi-tasking” on her day off. Never mind the details but the worst hit was my office! Nothing quite like having to suck water out of carpet all day praying that the wet dog smell will dissipate after it finally dries out. Oh well. Two fingers of Bulleit Bourbon and I’m feeling a bit better as well. Cheers.

    • BLZeebub

      BTW, I built several of these years ago using some cutoffs of 1/4 and 1/2 inch ply with a couple of dowels screwed to them to fit my dog holes. THEN, Veritas comes out with an aluminum one and I’m feeling a bit smug about being ahead of the curve.

      • pmac

        I built something similar. Thought about a patent and then thought, why, it takes 2 minutes to build. Who’d buy it? Now I wish I had patented it.

    • pmac

      My brother’s wife did the same thing. She thought it was cleaned up and told the kids to not mention it to Dad; however, she forgot about gravity and the basement so he goes down to the shop, comes upstairs and in his best Desi Arnez Jr. Immitation asks, ” Lucy , you gots sumting to tell me?”

  • Mitch Wilson

    Have you feasted yet on the shorter version of this planing stop? It’s quite tasty, too. And when the two are used in perpendicular tandem, they provide a veritable feast.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      I have not. Next time I’m building something that requires such workholding, I’ll add that to the mix. (But I need a day off from the shop at the moment. I’m too tired right now to be trusted with sharp things.)

  • jpurl1971

    Bourbon glazed crow does sound tasty!

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