Traveling Tool Chest: Simply Stunning

traveling tool chestLast week, we shot the cover photo for the August issue. It’s a classic English tool chest sized for travel (though it holds almost a full complement of furniture making tools, sans moulding planes). The build was a collaboration between Christopher Schwarz, who designed and built the chest, and Jameel Abraham, who made the 3D marquetry panel for the lid’s interior (and Peter Ross, who made the hand-forged hardware.)

Last week, right after Al Parrish shot the picture in Chris’s shop, the chest took off to Chicago (in the back of Raney Nelson’s car) and made a brief stop at Jeff Miller’s shop for a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event, then traveled home to Cedar Rapids, where Jameel will use it in his shop.

So, because a fair number of folks got to see it already in Chicago, and because I’ve been teasing it long enough, here it is:

traveling tool chest

Those tools in the medallion? All carved by hand, and fit perfectly into place. (Nice tight dovetails, too, Chris, and masterful use of space. But man…that lid panel!)

The article on building the chest will be in the August issue. Jameel’s lid panel article follows in October.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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13 thoughts on “Traveling Tool Chest: Simply Stunning

  1. Frank Strazza

    Amazing!! Thank you for posting the pictures, I’ve seen sneak previews over on Jameel’s blog and have been anxious to see it revealed. Can’t wait to see the article on it!

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      That’ll be included in the article – but in short, it’s a crab lock and hinges from Blacksmith Peter Ross.

      (But if you want to make your own lock, we have a video from Peter on the process coming soon!)

  2. Sawduster

    Truly magnificent in every respect. Such great marquetry and organization of tool storage; they surely won’t be damaged in shipment. I’m looking forward to both articles. Way beyond my capabilities, but I’ll certainly learn from them.

  3. pmac

    I saw Jeff.
    I saw Raney.
    I saw many of Jameels vices on Jeff’s benches.
    I saw may tools.
    I saw many tool chests.
    But I didn’t see Jameel or that chest.
    Typical Irish luck. (Bad)

    Very very nice. Wish I could have seen it in person.

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