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Top 10 Woodworking Projects of 2008

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Here’s the top-ten list of the most-read projects from the Popular Woodworking website for all of 2008. By far, the most visited articles were shop-related projects starting with the “$175 Workbench” and the “I-Beam Work Island.” But simple storage projects like our “Traditional Entertainment Center” and “One Weekend Bookcase” also lead in popularity. So take a look at the list which starts with our most popular article, and let us know which projects were your favorite from this year.

$175 Workbench
February 2001

Build a super-sturdy workbench in 30 hours for less than $175 , and that includes the cost of the wood, hardware and vise! We show you how to do it with just a few common tools.
By Christopher Schwarz

I-Beam Work Island
February 2003

Need a sturdy worktable? Take a gander at the plywood base of this puppy. Its simplicity belies its strength, which comes from the technology used to build skyscrapers.
By Nick Engler

Traditional Entertainment Center
June 2001

This piece of handcraft will last a long time thanks to frame-and-panel doors and traditional joints. Despite the rock-solid joinery, the piece is surprisingly simple to build.
By Troy Sexton

The One-weekend Bookcase
February 2003

You can build this bookcase using just one sheet of 3/4″ plywood and one-half sheet of 1/2″ plywood. Best of all, you can build this unit in a weekend. We’ve included plans and a cut list that show you exactly how to do it.
By Christopher Schwarz

Ultimate Miter Saw Stand
October 2002

Expand your chop saw’s cutting capacity by building a miter saw stand whose design has evolved over several years. This one even collects its own dust. It’s folding wings allow it to fit into a small corner when not in use.
By Jim Stuard

Knockdown Bookcase
April 2002

This unusual and useful Arts & Crafts bookcasse can be taken completely apart with four raps of a hammer.
By David Thiel

Router Fence for a Table Saw
February 2000

Use the fence on your table saw as the foundation for a highly accurate router table system. This quick fence attaches to your table saw’s fence and gives you must-have features such as dust collection and storage for your bits.
By Jim Stuard

24-hour Workbench
December 2003

Most woodworkers need a bench that is sturdy, versatile and economical. Look no further , we’ve developed the perfect one.
By Christopher Schwarz & Kara Gebhart

Garden Swing
August 2000

Even people without porches deserve a porch swing. Our original design includes a simple A-frame so you can swing anywhere in your yard.
By David Thiel

American Cabinet
April 2008

A simple carcase and face frame combine to create this easy-to-build multi-purpose cabinet that can stand on its own as a sideboard – or become the bottom of a stepback cupboard, entertainment center or more.
By Troy Sexton

So that’s the list. Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think about the popularity of these articles.

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