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‘The Woodwright’s Shop’ Mix-and-Match

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The Woodwright's ShopWhen I was offered the job at Popular Woodworking Magazine, the first thing my friends asked me was, “Do you get to meet Roy Underhill from “‘The Woodwright’s Shop’?” There was no congratulations, no speech about how hard work and determination led to the greatest rewards. There was only Roy Underhill.

I grew up watching “The Woodwright’s” Shop every time that it would come on one of our three channels in the woods outside of Owensboro, Ky. I always wondered how that man still had all of his fingers, but was glad that he did.

If, like me, you love “The Woodwright’s Shop”, and want to re-watch old episodes then there is a great deal for you at shopwoodworking.com

We now have a mix-and-match option (because you asked for it), so you can make your own specialized DVD package with the seasons that you want. You simply pick five or 10 seasons and put them in you cart, and the discount will automatically be applied.

You can get five full season DVD’s of your choice for only $81.50, or you can get 10 full season DVD’s for $163.

There are plenty of (amazing) woodworkers out there putting out great content. But there is only one Roy Underhill, and this deal is simply too good to pass up.

Head over to shopwoodworking.com now to make your own collection.

— Jon Russelburg

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