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Thank You and Farewell

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Tom 1Sitting down this morning to write this post is both exciting and sad in equal measure. After 18 months here at Popular Woodworking Magazine, I’m moving on to new opportunities ­– tomorrow is my final day.

First the exciting part: Through some hard work and a heaping portion of luck, I’ve won a scholarship to attend graduate school in Shanghai, China, thanks to the generosity of the Chinese government. Starting in September, I’ll embark on a four-year program studying Mandarin and modern Chinese history – quite the switch! And with the move just around the corner, I vacillate from the thrilled to terrified every day. China is a crazy place!

One thing is for sure: Only an opportunity this fantastic could pull me away from the magazine and my excellent coworkers who have given me such a fine introduction the craft – and yes, the same goes for you, our readers. It would be tough to attempt boasting past the fact that I’m still very much a novice, but with any skilled endeavor, one must remain a novice for a while. (But I sure am proud of the bookshelf/wine rack I built with the help of Bob Lang and Megan Fitzpatrick!)

What can I say? You guys gave me the woodworking bug, and I’ll be carrying it all the way to the other side of the world. There are many things to look forward to, but the chance to explore Chinese woodworking is not least among them. And hey, maybe I’ll find the time to write Popular Woodworking Magazine’s first foreign dispatch on the blog.

Thanks again, everyone, for a fantastic time!

– Tom Nunlist

P.S. In case anyone was wondering, “woodworking” in Chinese is “木工”… pronounced “mù gong.”

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  • GunnyGene

    Good luck. It will be a major culture shock for you.

  • SMeekWoodworks

    Good luck in China, Tom! It was great to get to meet you this week at the Pop Wood offices. Just let me know when you want one of my Jointers over there with you. 🙂

  • Wilbur

    Sounds like a fantastic opportunity! Have a great time.

    And take notes on anything you learn about Chinese woodworking. We need a lot more information on that.

  • Fred West


    Have a wonderful time with this great opportunity. Back in the dark ages, I was an Asian History/European History major and took some Mandarin as well. I remember most of the history and none of the language. I greatly envy you this but hope that you have the most incredible four years.

    Take care,


  • Tom Nunlist
    Tom Nunlist

    Wow guys, thanks for all the well-wishing!!! I’ll miss you!

  • Clay Dowling

    Enjoy! It will, at the very least, be exciting and new.

  • Eric R

    Good luck & farewell Tom.

  • Barquester

    I can’t keep up with all the comings and goings.

  • Bob Miller

    What an adventure! Best of luck to you Tom!

  • almartin

    Best wishes, Tom.

  • PaulJerome

    Hmmm, “thanks to the generosity of the Chinese government” Seriously! Good riddance.

    • Clay Dowling

      Man, be cool. Dude’s gonna go and learn new stuff we haven’t even thought about here. With some luck, he’ll pick up new woodworking knowledge and come back here to share it with us.

    • hamalon320

      Good Riddance????? Why would you say that????? What did he ever do to you??????? Some people can just plain be ASSHOLE!!! and you’re one of them!!!!

    • jpurl1971

      I love coming to this site to read about tools. You sir, are by far the only tool I hope to never see again.

  • jgjones28

    Good luck to you Tom. China can be a very cool experience. My daughter spent the last two summers there-studied at Tianjin Normal University.

    • Tom Nunlist
      Tom Nunlist

      Oh nice – I hear Tianjin Normal is a good school. I actually considered applying there when I was researching universities. I’m sure she had a blast!

      I’ll be at East China Normal, btw

  • zdillinger

    Good luck to you Tom!

  • Shawn Nichols

    Cool opportunity Tom. Best of luck.

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