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Stubborn Extractions in Cincinnati

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A cat’s paw driven under the head of a nail destined for extraction. This is just one of many original drawings that I illustrated for my book.

Last summer while visiting family in Cincinnati I paid a visit … no, not to the dentist, but rather to the Popular Woodworking offices to shoot a short video on the first stages of initiating and processing reclaimed wood. As my book release date was just a year around the corner, we thought that a short how-to video would be a nice contribution to the printed content of the book. Plus, it would help promote the book’s recognition among youtube viewers.

The video below is a short introduction to the ins and outs of extracting uncooperative hardware pieces from reclaimed wood. Those darn nails, staples and screws that found their way into your precious boards need to come out before we proceed with milling the lumber, as failing to do so would end up in tears. After all, who wants to break a tooth on an expensive table saw blade, or spend hours replacing a chipped jointer knife. So, without further adieu here is Extractions 101.

To read more about ways to initiate and rehabilitate reclaimed wood for your project, plus many more topics that are part and parcel of the reclaimed wood world, check out my upcoming book: Working Reclaimed Wood: A Guide for Woodworkers & Makers

In addition, here are some of the many pictures of hardware and reclaimed wood that I took in preparations for writing the book. For obvious reasons just a handful of images made it to the manuscript. But since I love the visual esthetics of rusted hardware and reclaimed wood, I could not help it and decided to share them with you.


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