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Steel City Contest Winner

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The winner of the Steel City Tool Works 10″ Granite-topped Table Saw is (drumroll please): Ron Burris, Sr., a retired chief master sergeant with the United States Air Force.

“I can’t tell you enough how thrilled I am to be the lucky one that was chosen as the winner of such a wonderful table saw,” wrote Burris.

“This saw will help me continue to improve my skill level as a woodworker. When I retired from the Air Force I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with all my spare time. Over the past seven years, I have spent a lot of that time renovating an old house.  It’s hard to believe but I really enjoyed learning how to DO-IT-YOURSELF and it really sparked my interest in working with wood.

“I have been upgrading some of my power tools over the last year or so with plans for a new table saw and drill press this summer.  Thanks to all of you at Popular Woodworking and the folks at Steel City Tool Works, now I can add a dust collection system to my fledgling work shop sooner than planned. This has been incredible, thanks to everyone .”

Congratulations to Burris from everyone at Popular Woodworking and Steel City Tool Works. And thanks to all of you who entered the contest (and be on the lookout for a new contest in the very near future!).

– Megan Fitzpatrick


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