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SketchUp Shop Class on CD Available Now

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My new video, Shop Class: SketchUp for Woodworkers Part 1, Getting Started has been a big hit, the on demand downloadable version is the number one selling item in our store, and I’m happy to announce that this same class is available on CD. If you’re on a slow internet connection, don’t like to wait for downloads, or simply like having a real product in your hand the CDs are in our  warehouse and ready to ship.

Behind the CD in the picture above are some of the detail drawings I made from the SketchUp model of a project I’m building for the August 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. It’s a fun project, but there are a lot of parts and pieces that all need to come together nicely. Because I’ve built and modified a three-dimensional model of this piece in SketchUp, I’ve been able to move right along in the shop. I know the exact size of every part and every joint. I’ve prevented some “design changes” from happening along the way by resolving joinery conflicts before I started. The few hours I spent working on the model have paid off many times over in time saved (and mistakes avoided) in the shop.

If you want to learn how to make the most of SketchUp, and how it applies for woodworking, this class will get you going. You’ll learn how to set things up, what tools you need to use and what architectural features of the program you can do without.

Click Here to Order Shop Class: SketchUp for Woodworkers, Part 1 Getting Started.

–Robert W. Lang

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  • roger savatteri

    Chris, Robert ….

    I just spoke with Laura from customer service regarding the Sketch-Up Cd part 1 – you just came out with.
    I realize the CD version of part 1 just came out a couple of weeks ago and that you are taking pre-orders for Part 2. (or that it is just ready)
    My question is………
    Is there a "Set" price if you order both Part 1 CD & Part 2 CD at the same time?

    I’d hate to order both and then see that in a months time you make that offer!

    I use sketch-up but I am always looking for improvement.


    waiting to order!

    Roger Savatteri

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