Sketch a Volute Freehand with George R. Walker

DM BlogAs we were working on the October 2014 issue (#213) of Popular Woodworking Magazine (which mails to subscribers in early August), Design Matters columnist George R. Walker stopped in the offices and shot a quick video that demonstrates the technique of drawing a volute freehand.

Watch as George steps through the process to draw a classical form that can unlock your inner eye, and read more about it in our upcoming issue on newsstands August 19th.

— Glen D. Huey

4 thoughts on “Sketch a Volute Freehand with George R. Walker

  1. robshively

    This was very enjoyable, despite the distracting legal disclaimers (says the lawyer) and I’d like more of Walker and Tolpin discussing design on video. If I have a criticism of the book “By Hand and Eye” it’s that it is so dense with information that I feel the need for a video assist, much like what you did here.

  2. J. Pierce

    It’s funny to see the standard FW woodworking disclaimer at the beginning of the video . . .watch out, those dividers can be sharp!

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick

      Ha! That’s what happens when we get the video professionals involved. Of course, as a result, there’s proper lighting and all…

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