Shooting a Cover

Do you ever wonder what goes into creating a magazine cover? I got a chance to bring along our camera so you can join us on a trip while we photograph Senior Editor Robert W. Lang’s new workbench. The results will be on the cover of the upcoming October 2008 issue.

You’ll get just a taste of all the shenanigans that go into bringing you the stunning images that grace every issue of Popular Woodworking.


— Drew DePenning

6 thoughts on “Shooting a Cover

  1. Robert J Ingram

    Yeah! Good job! Coulda seen more pic. That is, see the final result of that shoot.
    Robert Ingram
    Douglasville, GA

  2. Gerardo H fernández

    Los felicito eso nos debe poner a pensar a todos que no importa el tiempo incomodidades etc para que las cosas queden bien hay que estar pendiente de cualquier detalle.

  3. rbassett12

    If you guys and gals going for the perfect photograph instead of a working bench, hire a studio and cut the subscription price.

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