Senco & Pizza

pizza 2Senco, pizza and Popular Woodworking Magazine.

All I can add, at the moment, is May 7th, 2014. Stay tuned; details to come.

You might want to check out this little video.

—Chuck Bender

Edit: Realized the manufacture of nails might not be enough inspiration for some (you know who you are) to read and watch this post so, I added a relevant picture.

7 thoughts on “Senco & Pizza

  1. gumpbelly

    Does this classify as bait n switch, you’re gonna start getting called Roebuck. I think old Alvah was heavily into nails back in the early years.

  2. pmac

    Good call on the relevant picture. Got me to click. I think a pizza video would make me less pissed off about wasting a click. Please edit.

    1. pmac

      Sorry, I keep forgetting sarcasm doesn’t print well. And a pizza video really would be nice.

        1. pmac

          Pizza is like the Force. It binds us all together. ( to clarify the above, it was all crap,for lack of a better word, except the wish for a pizza video. I was kind of serious about that. Maybe a pizza screen saver.)

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