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Senco Event Wrap-up

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Pumping up the Senco crew before the event.

Pumping up the Senco crew before the event.

Last week’s Senco event here in the workshop at Popular Woodworking Magazine was a blast! If you missed it then you missed seeing, learning about and trying the best new tools Senco has to offer this year.

The Senco crew came out in force to introduce readers to their products. We had not just one but three product managers present. These guys know their products like no one else. They not only explained how to use their tools but explained how and why they work the way they do. They explained to attendees exactly what went into the process of developing the tools and how to get the most out of them.

There were more than a few prizes given out at the event (PWM gave away over two dozen books, DVDs and CDs alone). Senco gave away two 23LXP gauge micro pinners and two PC1010N air compressors (which are extremely light and unbelievably quiet). They also gave away five spots on an extremely special tour of the Senco manufacturing facility.

Below is a gallery of some pics from the event. Enjoy and keep a sharp eye out for future events at the PWM shop. I have a feeling they’ll be happening with fair regularity.

—Chuck Bender

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