Say Hello to PWM’s New Managing Editor

2008Glen5On May 20, 2011, I wrote an encomium for a friend and co-worker who was leaving the staff to work full-time in his own shop on a large, long-term, multi-piece commission project…that he’s now wrapping up. I’m far happier to be writing this post.

Please join me in welcoming (back) to Popular Woodworking Magazine our new managing editor, Glen D. Huey.

As you may know, Glen has been associated with Popular Woodworking since 1997, when his first published project appeared in the November issue – and he’s been writing for the magazine, and publishing books and videos with us ever since. In 2006, Glen joined the staff full-time as a senior editor, a position he held through the October 2011 issue production cycle (after which he became a contributing editor).

I mentioned when I said goodbye to him in 2011 that Glen is the best writing student I’ve ever had. Now, I expect he’ll also become the best copy editing student I’ve ever had – and I know he’ll embrace the many other duties of the job with equal verve and ability. (And I will embrace letting them go.)

I can’t wait to see Glen’s smiling face (and the rest of him) walk through the door on Feb. 11 – his first day on the new job. I’m delighted to welcome him back – and hope you are, too.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. Glen’s e-mail address will be – but it won’t be active until he starts.

23 thoughts on “Say Hello to PWM’s New Managing Editor

  1. BFFulgham

    I’m late to the party as well. But, WELCOME BACK, GLEN! I’m looking forward to seeing regular, and maybe more, articles from you!

    Bud Fulgham

  2. Chuck Bender

    I know I’m late to the party but congratulations buddy on your return to the magazine. Oh, and did I mention you’re looking good?

    Someone had to say it…

  3. bobbollin

    Yaaayyy! Welcome back Glen!!

    And thank you for the new word Megan. Your writing is sometimes a welcome education in more than just woodworking.

  4. djmueller1

    Glen covered a void in hard-to-fill position; he’s a great pick. I need to update my dictionary.

  5. bruce272

    Here’s the definition:
    encomium |enˈkōmēəm|
    noun ( pl. -miums or -mia |-mēə|) formal
    a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly.
    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: Latin, from Greek enkōmion ‘eulogy,’ from en- ‘within’ + komos ‘revel.’

    Now you owe me some help with my woodworking. LOL

    1. D.D.

      Dear Megan:
      I had figured, almost from the ‘Get-go’ of your Editorial Blogs, that one mos assuredly would NOT need
      to attempt using this space in an effort to educate you regarding the nuances of the English language. . .
      regardless of the initial source(s). Perhaps Bruce did not dwell sufficiently on the content of the editorial
      itself to realize the emergence, for PWW, of a genuine Factotum! Perhaps you could elucidate!

      This also comes with the most sincere welcome (on my part along with untold others) to Mr. Glen Huey
      upon his return to this “quality-personified” team!

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      During my M.A. studies, I was (strongly) encouraged to learn M.H. Abrams’ “Glossary of Literary Terms” in its entirety. I’m ashamed to admit that I now can define probably fewer than 50 percent of the terms. But that is one of them.

      1. blefty

        I figured from the context that that (2 x that) was the meaning. Thanks for the info on the Abrams’ book.
        I’ll check it out, literally and/or figuratively!

  6. Marhk

    Great to have Mr. Huey back on the payroll !
    Now, just what does a “Managing Editor” do vs. the “Editor” position ?

    (Just trying to keep the players straight.)

  7. Sawduster

    Boy!, it’s great to know you’re back full time. As an advanced novice I certainly have benefited from your tips and advice on several occasions. Ya gonna have several blogs a week for us? Russell

  8. BLZeebub

    Super! I dig his pragmatic approach to “gitterdun” type of fine woodworking. As always, I look forward to his new efforts on PWW behalf. Welcome back, Glen.

  9. tsstahl

    Welcome back, Glen.

    I’d love to tour the collection you spent years building. I’m assuming, of course, that the several pieces you let us see are just the tip of the iceberg. 🙂

  10. jeeperjeff

    Welcome back, Glen. Like Renton trying to get off the H, I have struggled to get by the last two years without the steady diet of Tiger Stripe Maple pieces with finishes that explode off the pages.

  11. AL

    Welcome back to PWM Glen. I have always enjoyed your insight regarding the nuances of traditional furniture. Being a nosy sort, any chance we will get to hear about the pieces making up the multi-piece commission project that you are wrapping up?


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