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PWM Digital Subscription FAQs

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As I posted late last week, we now offer a digital subscription to Popular Woodworking Magazine. Sales are already brisk (thank you!), and we’ve received a number of questions, too. So, I’ve talked with the people involved in setting this up, and here are the answers:

How does the Digital Subscription work? Sign up for a digital subscription, and the week each print issue starts to mail, you’ll get an e-mail with a link. Go to that link, download your PDF copy of the magazine, and start reading.

What eReaders can I use? Any eReader that supports PDFs. (Depending on your device, you may have to first download issues to your computer, then transfer it to your reader.)

A question about the PDF version – does it use Adobe bookmarks so multiple PDFs can be searched at once for the article you want? Well, sort of. Yes, each issue is bookmarked for you. But, if you want to search multiple issues (as one can do on our compilation CDs), you’ll need to create a “directory” in Acrobat Pro (it’s easy to do – and if you want help,  just ask me!)

Would a subscriber be able to print articles (for their own use, of course)? Yes.

Will you offer a dual subscription option for those who want both the paper and digital issue. If you are a current subscriber, you can add a digital subscription for $10 by calling Customer Service at 877-860-9140. Offer Code:  U2DADD

Can I convert my current print subscription to a digital subscription? Yes you can. Go to the customer service page to send an e-mail to Subscription Customer Service with your request (you’ll have to enter your subscriber info to do so) — or you can call them at 386-246-3369

When I renew my current print issue subscription, will I be able to change to a digital subscription? Yes – as long as you’re not renewing in the next couple weeks – we’re in the midst of getting that option set up with our subscription fulfillment house.

Would it be possible to add other payment options for the shop, such as Paypal (for example), for us foreigners without a credit card? We don’t offer PayPal at the moment, but please check back in two months (we’re working on making PayPal play nice with our accounting system).

And if you have any other questions, let me know. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll get it for you.

– Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • vinfonet

    Just wondering if PWM plans to offer a dual subscription often–usually I prefer real print, but occasionally, away from home I have a bit of spare time? Thanks JV

    • vinfonet

      I meant OPTION, not often!

      • Megan Fitzpatrick
        Megan Fitzpatrick

        That’s up to our circulation folk, and I know they’re considering it, but for now, no.

  • tsizemor

    I had just renewed my subscription on line, but it didn’t appear to take. I then read this item, so I want to wait to renew to only take the digital subscription. Please help me out if it did go through.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      I don’t have the power to cancel the print sub (or check if it went through…but if you’re using the newest Firefox, it may not have; we’re trying to fix that little bug right now) – but I can get you to the right person – can you send me an e-mail ( with your subscription mailing address (and customer # if you have it, from a label) – then I’ll send it on to our circ rep?

  • jjwalker

    So glad to see you chose to publish in a stand alone PDF format. I have several subscriptions through Zinio and they are terrible – can’t print, can’t search, can’t archive…. You guys are definitely on the right track. Your magazine looks great in PDF p the iPad.

  • Stephen Kirk

    I just signed up for q digital subscription this past Saturday. I’m glad to see this and it brought me back as a subscriber. I read almost exclusively on my iPad, and this is just perfect.

    I noticed two things, though:
    1. When I signed up, no issue was made available to me, only the free shop tips download. I had expected to get whichever issue was currently available.
    2. In the free tips download, some of the pictures don’t display on the iPad. They display fine on my desktop, though. Be great to fix them so they display everywhere. Oh, I use iBooks to read the PDF files.

    Great job, hope to see more digital content!

  • rcrams

    How about making an example PDF available to make judgement on?
    Rich Ramsey

  • kct3937

    I find it very interesting (Arte Johnson interesting) that this publishing decision comes out and the resignations of both Glen Huey and Chris Schwartz are announced at the same time. One can only draw conclusions/inferences from the timing.
    As much as I use computers, I do like reading an actual magazine or book more. Will you be proposing to text the mag to me as well. I suppose that you will propose a digital woodworker next that I can use in my shop.
    With Woodwork magazine gone I have my doubts.

    Oh well…the Schwartz will no longer be with you! (Spaceballs)

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      I’ve been begging for a digital subscription for several years – ask anyone higher up the food chain (there’s a lot of em!) who’ve had to listen to me whine about it. The timing is, truly, coincidental. And I, for one, prefer incunabula over modern books (mostly because it’s a nifty word, of course). I certainly don’t want paper options to go away. But, I think a digital sub is an excellent solution for those who live in, say, Australia, and get the June issue in December – at a much higher cost, to boot. Now, overseas readers can get the issue in a timely manner, and not have to pay through the nose. And I hear some people do like to read on the computer. Me, I like to curl up with a good book. So, options for everyone!

      • dherzig01

        Where do you get the incunabula, they are incredibly expensive since they are the books that were only published between the beginning of the printing press (1450)and 1500.

        • Megan Fitzpatrick
          Megan Fitzpatrick

          I own one example, a book of hours that I inherited. Otherwise, I just look at them in museums, where they’re usually under glass. But the UC rare books collection has some lovely examples, and I’ve been lucky enough to get my (gloved) hands on those. If I had scads of cash though, I’d be more likely to spend it on quarto plays from 1560-1642….also incredibly expensive. Heck — I’d give up all my cats and a good deal more for a period edition of “The Knight of the Burning Pestle!”

      • jmaichel

        I think this is a great move for the magazine! Companies fail because of their inability to transform or identify what industry they are really in. PWW is in the media industry and digital magazines are a from of media as is this website. PWW is now giving themselves the opportunity to capture a larger global market share. I can’t wait congrats on the digital release.

  • Jestre

    Are these PDF’s DRM-encumbered? I ask as I would be reading them on an iPad and could download them directly from the email to Goodreader on the ‘Pad. If they have DRM, then I would have to find a computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader on it, a less-than-desirable option.

    Thank you

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      I have an iPad – I’ll try it out myself tonight and report back.

      • introp

        Sadly, just checking on an iPad won’t tell us if they are DRM-encumbered. 🙁 (The PDF reader on the iPad supports a lot, if not all, of Adobe’s DRM scheme.) Is there any way we could get a sample page or three so I can see if it will load on my computers here? They’re all Linux of some flavor, so no Adobe reader for me.

        • Megan Fitzpatrick
          Megan Fitzpatrick

          I’m working on pulling together a little promo piece of a few stories – have to run it by a few people first, but I think I’ll be able to deliver something in a couple of days.

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