PWM August 2012 Digital Issue Mailing Today

PWM August 2012 Digital Issue Mailing Today

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Just a quick note for all the digital subscribers: the August issue link will be sent to your e-mail in boxes today and tomorrow, from “popularwoodworking.web” – so if you see that sender in your queue, open up the message!

The print issue will begin mailing on June 13, and it will be available on newsstands June 26. As soon as we have the August 2012 issue in the store for single-copy sales (both print and digital), I (or one of us) will write a bit more about it.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. If you’re buying single copies…why? You can save almost half off the cover price with a subscription. Click: Popular Woodworking Magazine digital subscription to have it delivered to your computer or eReader (it works on an iPad or any other PDF-enabled reader); click: Popular Woodworking Magazine print subscription if you prefer good old-fashioned paper. International print subscriptions are also available (though for some reason we’ve a separate subscription link for those in Canada) – but I recommend a digital sub for all non-U.S. folks, because there’s no shipping charge.

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  • Pkorman1

    I would like to convert my print subscription to digital. Can that be done and will I be able to save the pdf files on my computer and read them on my Nook?

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      I’m chagrined to admit I’m not familiar with the Nook — can you read PDF files on it? If so, then yes. You get a link to download a bookmarked PDF of each issue, and you can read it on your computer/eReader ad infinitum. To switch from print to digital, call customer service at 877-860-9140.

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