'Practical Woodworker' Set Now in Paperback

‘Practical Woodworker’ 4-Volume Set – Now in Paperback

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Last year, we released an exclusive, limited run of the 4-volume set of Bernard Jones’ “The Practical Woodworker” in hardcover, which quickly sold out. But now, you can get “The Practical Woodworker” set in paperback; it’s the same great information, but at a more affordable price – just $65 for more than 1,500 pages of expert woodworking instruction (plus an index…thank goodness!). And, when you buy from ShopWoodworking.com, you’ll get a free download: “Filling Your Chest with Tools,” by Christopher Schwarz (which speaks to the mostly hand-tool information in the four volumes).

“The Practical Woodworker” is a foundation set of books for the woodworker interested in early 20th-century woodworking techniques.

First printed around 1913, the books are intended:

“…(T)o instruct the reader as to make it possible for any person, even for one who has never seen a plane or driven a nail, to be able from this book alone to make any ordinary piece of woodwork by sound craftsman-like methods.”

And they deliver on that promise, with essays on all aspects of the craft written by a group of 31 experts in their respective fields, and copious illustrations to help make sense of the words.

Volume 1, Mastering Tools and Materials, covers the workshop and its equipment, including shop appliances such as a sawbench, as well as the tools and foundation techniques of the trade: measuring and marking tools, saws and sawing, hammer and mallets, chisels and gouges, planes and planning, gluing, nailing and screwing and more. Plus, you’ll find techniques for making mouldings, cutting rabbets (rebates, actually – the books were first printed in England), making houses and lap joints, edge and angle joints, dovetails and more. It also includes some simple projects including plain tables, domestic woodenware, dog kennels, steps and ladders and more.

Volume 2, Indoor and Outdoor Woodwork, covers workbenches and tool chests, as well as a number of projects and techniques for the home and its environs, such as garden carpentry, trellises, porches, arbors, poultry houses, tubs and churns, as well as doors and windows and interior woodwork. Plus, you’ll find instruction on curved work and clamps, and plans for several bookcases dressers and sideboards.

Volume 3, Making Fine Furniture, covers instruction on building several furniture pieces, including chairs, cabinets, beds, a linen chest, upholstered pieces and even a billiard table.

Volume 4, Decorative Woodwork, covers some more advanced projects including a roll-top desk and other office furniture, sleighs and toboggans, mantel fittings and even ‘aeroplane woodwork.” Plus wood turning, veneering, inlay and marquetry, woodcarving, wood finishing, patternmaking and upholstery, as well as an early treatment of ‘woodworking by machinery.”

Plus you’ll get a free video download of “Filling Your Chest with Tools,” by Christopher Schwarz, in which you’ll learn about important tools and brands as Chris walks you through the essentials for filling up your tool chest, with a discussion of the brands he prefers.

Place your order for the 4-volume paperback set of “The Practical Woodworker” from ShopWoodworking.com today so you don’t miss out (the books are expected in house in October, and will ship by the end of that month).

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. Yes, I know the accepted term for the above is “pre-order”…but along with “pre-drill,” I just can’t. You’re ordering. You’re drilling. That is all.


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    Pre-order, pre-drill… does ‘proactive’ fall in that category? I think the right word is just ‘active’.

    Besides that – thanks for printing in paperback. The hardback went too fast for my indecisive approach to life.

  • bit101

    I pre-read this post and am pre-thinking about pre-ordering.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick


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