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For those of you still unaware, a few months ago we launched Popular Woodworking eBooks. The web site is an online compendium of virtually every print product our staff has produced in the last decade plus, all in one place, available to you online 24/7/365 to read and browse. Here’s a breakdown of what a subscription will get you:

  • Access to every issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine back through 2000, with 1995-1999 to be added soon
  • Access to all 16 archival issue of Woodworking Magazine
  • A library of virtually every book in the history of Popular Woodworking
  • A suite of useful features including bookmarking and note-taking that will help you get the most out of this resource

PopWood eBooks Screenshot

All in all, you’ll get unlimited browsing of more 170 titles with access on your internet browser, an iPad app and now on Android as well.

Normally the price of admission to this premium archive is $20 per month, or $150 for a year-long subscription. But in February only, you have a the chance to subscribe at 1/2 price (that is $10/month or $75/year, your choice) and lock in the reduced rate in perpetuity, as long as you continue to subscribe. To activate the offer, simply enter the code LOCKINHALFOFF on the checkout page after you’ve chosen the subscription you’d like. February is already half over, so act now before this amazing offer disappears forever! 

– Tom Nunlist



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  • Mickt

    This seems like a great deal to me. The only question I have is if I first sign up for the $10.00 per month rate and I like it, is there a way to change the rate to the $75.00 per year rate. I do understand that there is a lot of information in this offer, but I don’t think I want to put out $75.00 all at once to try out the offer until I can check it out.
    Thanks Mickt

  • MickMQ

    Seems attractive – but I am not intelligent enough to find how to signup as it does not appear on your Subscribe or Shop Our Store links.

  • DaveL_UK

    So the books would only readable on my PC, not my Kindle?
    The idea of having access to the books is great but I don’t want to be sat in front of the PC.

    • Tom Nunlist
      Tom Nunlist


      As of yet, the eBooks site is not available on Kindle. However, it is available on both Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) and Android devices, so will not be chained to your desk when you want to read if you have those devices.


      • DaveL_UK

        Hi Tom,

        I don’t have any Apple devices and my phone is a Blackberry. I have the 1995 to 2012 DVD, so I think I will give this a miss for now. I think the DVD is great as I can print an article then take it the shop with out worrying about glue or finish spoiling it.

        • Tom Nunlist
          Tom Nunlist


          I’m glad to hear you find the DVD such a great resource!

          Should you consider the eBooks site again, I would point out that you can still access everything on your computer, plus you’ll gain access to virtually every book we’ve ever published.


  • bbhack

    Sounds like a great deal! But the subscription page does not reflect a discount. The annual subscription is still $149.00 (as of 02-20-2013 @ 07:48 CST). (There are a few minor problems on the information page also, e.g. the second phone number format is XX-XXX-XXXXX, should be XXX-XXX-XXXX ?)

    • Tom Nunlist
      Tom Nunlist


      You have to enter the subscription code on the checkout page to activate the discount. You will see it right before you make the final checkout, at the bottom of the page. The code is LOCKLINHALFOFF.

      Thanks for the heads up about the phone number format – I will look into that.


  • awatson6

    The cart shows a price of 19.99 per month. Am I supposed to have a discount code?

    • Tom Nunlist
      Tom Nunlist


      Yes. You will see a box for the discount code before you do the final checkout. The offer code is LOCKINHALFOFF. That will knock down the price for you.


  • hoot

    I already have the DVD archive and the digital issue subscription. What does this get me?

    • Tom Nunlist
      Tom Nunlist


      Do you mean the 2000-2012 archive DVD?

      What the eBooks site will get you is access to virtually every book we have ever published – we’re talking 60+ full-length books. That’s quite a bit of reading material, and of course we’ll be adding new books as we publish them.


  • hbbarbosa


    Once I have subscribed, I’ll pay half “ad infinitum”, right?

    How about the new issues? I am regular subscriber of the magazine (paper version). Should I cancel it?



    • Tom Nunlist
      Tom Nunlist


      Yes, to keep the subscription at the reduced rate, you’ll need to subscribe continuously.

      The new issues will be published on the eBooks site as they come out, as closely matched to the on-sale date as possible. Whether or not you should cancel the print subscription is up to you.
      – If you just want to read the magazines, the print subscription is less expensive.
      – However, with an eBooks subscription you’ll get access to our entire online library.

      There other thing to keep in mind is that the subscriptions are entirely independent of one another and will remain so. We mainly want as many options as possible for our readers. However, Megan Fitzpatrick did say she would cry if you stop subscribing to the magazine!

      Hope that answers your questions.


  • bhudson89

    Pages that are viewed out of any document, can we print? can we cut and paste? Are they indexed like table of contents click and go to that article? Thank you.

    • Tom Nunlist
      Tom Nunlist


      – Yes, you can print, but only one page at a time. You would not be able to print an entire article or magazine in one go.
      – Unfortunately you cannot cut and paste. The presentation is in flash and does not have that functionality.
      – Yes, every magazine and book has a click-able table of contents.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • rickalvi

    Whats unclear about this offer. Once I become a member, I can brouse through all the books? Or do I have to pay an additional price to brouse.?

    • Tom Nunlist
      Tom Nunlist


      Once you are a member you have unlimited access to every book on the subscription site, no additional charges whatsoever. You’ll be able to browse to your heart’s content!

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