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Popular Woodworking Charity Book/DVD Auction with Chris Schwarz

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This week, we’ve gathered a collection of Christopher Schwarz’s best books and DVDs, each signed by the author himself, for an auction to benefit cancer research. One-hundred percent of the final auction value of the items will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Go now to our eBay auction page and enter a bid – you’ll be glad that you did! All the items in the package can be seen on the auction page, but I’ve also listed them here.

The Workbench Design Book” Cover Price: $34.99
Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use” Cover Price: $31.99
Handplane Essentials” Cover Price: $34.99

The Last Word on Sharpening, Cover Price $24.99
Build a Sawbench, Cover Price $24.99
Build an 18th-century Workbench, Cover Price $24.99
The Best of Christopher Schwarz, Cover Price $24.96
Mastering Hand Tools, Cover Price $29.99
Handplane Basics, Cover Price $24.95

Don’t miss your chance to get these wonderful autographed books and DVDs while simultaneously helping to fight cancer!

– Tom Nunlist

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  • tcrossan

    I’m a patriot and a conservative. Are saying that all those who are left wing are not patriots?
    Better stick to making sawdust!


    Unless PWM is run by right wing fanatics who approve of the tone of the video “Power 4 Patriots”, I would suggest you pull it down before you damage your reputation further. There is nothing wrong with pitching a product, but when it is done in such a way as to insult our president and our country, it simply destroys the credability of the vendor and your magazine.

    • rwyoung

      Uhhh, what?

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