Popular Woodworking Charity Book/DVD Auction with Chris Schwarz

This week, we’ve gathered a collection of Christopher Schwarz’s best books and DVDs, each signed by the author himself, for an auction to benefit cancer research. One-hundred percent of the final auction value of the items will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Go now to our eBay auction page and enter a bid – you’ll be glad that you did! All the items in the package can be seen on the auction page, but I’ve also listed them here.

The Workbench Design Book” Cover Price: $34.99
Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use” Cover Price: $31.99
Handplane Essentials” Cover Price: $34.99

The Last Word on Sharpening, Cover Price $24.99
Build a Sawbench, Cover Price $24.99
Build an 18th-century Workbench, Cover Price $24.99
The Best of Christopher Schwarz, Cover Price $24.96
Mastering Hand Tools, Cover Price $29.99
Handplane Basics, Cover Price $24.95

Don’t miss your chance to get these wonderful autographed books and DVDs while simultaneously helping to fight cancer!

– Tom Nunlist

3 thoughts on “Popular Woodworking Charity Book/DVD Auction with Chris Schwarz

  1. tcrossan

    I’m a patriot and a conservative. Are saying that all those who are left wing are not patriots?
    Better stick to making sawdust!

  2. lou@loucoopey.com

    Unless PWM is run by right wing fanatics who approve of the tone of the video “Power 4 Patriots”, I would suggest you pull it down before you damage your reputation further. There is nothing wrong with pitching a product, but when it is done in such a way as to insult our president and our country, it simply destroys the credability of the vendor and your magazine.

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