Outreach for David Charlesworth

As many of you know, David Charlesworth had to drop out of his classes at Woodworking in America 2011 after he was hospitalized in Munich, Germany, for pneumonia. Click on this link for updates on his condition and information on how you can help David and his family with the expenses from this costly illness.

According to Thomas Lie-Nielsen, who is in contact with David’s partner, Pat, David is showing some improvement, and will be transferred to a hospital in England this week.

— Ajax Alexandre

2 thoughts on “Outreach for David Charlesworth

  1. djmueller1

    For sake of clarity, Pat is David’s wife. Without fail, a spouse is one’s defacto partner in life, and in business.

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick

      I asked Ajax to write that – I don’t believe they’re married. But what matters to me – and all of us, I think – is that David gets home, that he recovers, and that he and Pat can enjoy a long and happy life together, no matter what the legal definition of their relationship.

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