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New Woodshop Nearly Ready

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In about three weeks, we’ll be moving into new digs after more than 10 years in our current location. It’s less than a mile away. With the move date fast approaching, the new shop space is getting very close to completion.

I’m excited about the move because I think the new shop will be even better than what we’re leaving. While it’s only slightly larger at 1,500 square feet,  its rectangular shape will work better than the L-shaped space we’ve had. Also, moving equipment and material in and out will also be far easier. We’re on ground level and have a large roll-up door.

The new place has been set up exactly to our specifications, so if anything’s wrong we’ll have only ourselves to blame (or me to blame since I’ve been the project manager). We’ve had windows installed as there were none to begin with. All the wiring is new with outlets just where we want them. Just about every bench will be at least partially under a north-facing window. Lighting will be upgraded from what you see in the interior photo here. Did I mention new heating and air-conditioning?

What started as concrete block walls have been built out on the interior with studs, insulation and sheathed with plywood. That will make hanging cabinets, tool racks, etc. a breeze.

I’m sure some of you – especially those near by – are wondering about our machinery. Sorry, it’s all moving with us so no, there’s no sale taking place.

The only dread about the move is sorting through 10 years of stuff that’s accumulated around here. There’ll be plenty of “discoveries,” I’m sure, of items we thought we lost or tossed long ago. Maybe my bed-bolts will show up. They went missing prior to last move. One can only hope.

Steve Shanesy is the magazine’s editor. He’s also the new shop project manager and new office space planner. In his spare time he writes for the magazine.

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  • MarkHulette

    Nice new space! Congrats- are you going to have a dedicated finishing room/space?

    Happy Moving Day!

  • keithm

    open house?

    • Robert W. Lang

      help carry stuff?

      • Steve_OH

        Do you have a firm date for the move yet? I might be available for some heavy lifting…


        • Megan Fitzpatrick
          Megan Fitzpatrick

          Thank you Steve! But I do believe we’re simply writing a check to the moving company.

          • Steve_OH

            Well, in that case, never mind.

            I accept checks, too, by the way.


  • robert

    Hopefully you will cover those concrete floors with something a little friendlier (friendlier to dropped tools).

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      My horse mat is coming with me– more for my tools than for me!

  • wood_wench

    So where are you moving to that is only a mile away?
    I’ll need to learn a new path to your offices.
    I have had the opportunity to be at your current place for several events over the years with SAPFM.
    Looks like the new space will be great – once all the unpacking is complete!

  • Niels

    Congratulations and good luck with the move!
    Moving is always like digging out a deep splinter. You may have to endure a little extra pain, but it feels great when all is said and done.

    How are are floors in the new space?


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