New: William Ng Video on Greene & Greene Furniture Details

We’ve teamed up with extraordinary woodworker (and extraordinary woodworking teacher) William Ng on a new video that explores techniques for creating the details that make Greene & Greene furniture unique. Using jigs and easy-to-understand techniques, William teaches you how to make pillowed breadboards, ebony plugs, inlaid ebony splines and bars and more. And, you’ll learn how to do it all with precision and efficiency. Order your copy of the “Greene & Greene Joinery Details” DVD today (plus, when you order through ShopWoodworking, you also get a bonus download of a video clip from William that introduces you to other motifs unique to Greene & Greene work).

“Greene & Greene Joinery Details” is also available as a video download through the store, for just $14.99 (a $10 savings off the DVD price).

p.s. If you love the work of Charles and Henry Greene (and Peter and John Hall, the brothers who actually crafted most of their designs),  the book “Greene & Greene Furniture: Poems of Wood & Light,” by David Mathias, belongs on your shelf (or on your coffee table). Not only will it teach you about Greene & Greene furniture and architectural details, it’s full of period images and new (and gorgeous) full-color photography. And it’s on sale right now for just $21.

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  1. Dusty

    Just purchased the video download, the bonus video took 15 minutes to download and I’m still waiting after half an hour for the main video to finish it’s download. And no it’s not my computer!

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