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New : All Popular Woodworking 2001 Issues on one CD

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This new, easy-to-navigate and searchable CD gives you instant access to all six 2001 issues of Popular Woodworking magazine , plus seven bonus articles of our favorite workshop articles from the last six years.

In 2001, we spent a lot of energy investigating how to improve our own shop and yours. We published our first version of the $175 Workbench, a workbench that launched a series of workbenches by Christopher Schwarz that were designed for different kinds of woodworkers. David Thiel also built a mobile workbench with storage cabinets beneath. And Steve Shanesy built a router table (for $50) that attaches to any Workmate and ingeniously flips up so you can change bits without stooping.

We also started tearing down some of the silly conventional wisdom of the tool world, such as the preference for slow-speed mortisers and the sloppy way people handle biscuit joiners. These articles are just as relevant today as they were in 2001. (For a list of more highlights of the year, visit our back issues store.)

So if you like Popular Woodworking now but you didn’t subscribe in 2001, we think you’ll like this new CD. On it, we’ve put all six issues we published in 2001 in pdf format. All of the advertisements have been removed. It’s just 371 pages of pure woodworking content , and completely text-searchable , for $19.96.

As a bonus, we’ve included on the CD a complete index of all the stories in both a spreadsheet and word processing format. Plus, we’ve included seven of our favorite workshop articles from the last six years on this CD, including plans for five different workbenches and two article on how to adapt your current bench to make it more versatile.

The CD is in stock now and ready for immediate shipping. The CD works with both PCs and Macintosh computers running Adobe Reader 6.0 or later (Reader is a free program). Visit our back issues store to order your copy of this exclusive disk now, or call 800-258-0929 and mention item #PW2001

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