‘Mastering Hand Tools’ – a 2-DVD Set from Christopher Schwarz

Mastering Hand Tools: Basic Skills for Balanced Woodworking,” a new 2-disc video from Christopher Schwarz, contributing editor, introduces you to the basic hand-tool skills you need to integrate hand tools intelligently and confidently into your shop.

Why use hand tools? That’s one of the first questions Chris answers as he explains how even a hard-core power tool user can benefit from just a little hand-tool knowledge. He’ll helps you select the right tools for your work, shows you how to set them up to work well, and teach you how to use them.You’ll learn about: marking gauges, marking knives and cutting gauges; jack and smooth planes; handsaws; rasps; braces and bits and hand drills; chisels; scrapers; mallets; and more.

Mastering Hand Tools” is now available at ShopWoodworking.com, for $5 off the regular price.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. I do believe there’s also an amusing off-color comment or two as Chris banters with the camera (I know, I know  – coming from him, it’s shocking).

3 thoughts on “‘Mastering Hand Tools’ – a 2-DVD Set from Christopher Schwarz

  1. 12strings

    I’m a little confused…is this DVD set different content than the shopclass series Chris is doing on hand tools, or the same? I really would like to get at least one of them, but am not sure whether to order the DVD, or wait untill the shopclass videos are all posted.


    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      Sorry — I should have mentioned that. The DVDs include all of the same CS Mastering Hand Tools videos that are on (or will be on) the Shop Class site. We’re releasing them on DVD, too, because not everyone wants to subscribe to the streaming video site.

      1. tman02

        Megan –

        I pre-ordered these DVD’s in the middle of April and after two e-mails last week and finally a phone call yesterday found out that they started shipping these last Friday, so I think that should be mentioned so all of those like myself will know they really are going to get these (though I may just have done that if others read these posts).


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