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Make a Scraper Plane

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scraper plane plan

I just chatted with Linda Rosengarten of Hock Tools about Woodworking in America 2016 (Hock Tools will be in the Marketplace Sept. 16-17, along with many other top-quality makers), being too busy, and scraper planes.

Linda is working on an upcoming newsletter for Hock Tools (click here, then click on “Hock Tools’ Newsletter” to sign up) and called to ask if we’d allow her to link to an image from “Hjorth-Westh: Making a Scraper Plane,” by Tom McFadden, from the June 1995 issue. “Well sure,” I said (it’s atop this post), “but why don’t I post the whole article?”

So you’ll find it below – as a free PDF download for our readers, as well as Hock Tools newsletter subscribers. (I’d code it, but I’d have to re-key everything. See the “being too busy” mention above.)


— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. Get all the back issues – 25 years! – of the venerable Woodwork Magazine on one DVD.
p.p.s. Join us at Woodworking in America 2016 not only for the excellent marketplace, but for the many excellent instructors and 50+ education sessions from Roy Underhill, May May, Konrad Sauer, Alf Sharp, Nancy Hiller and more!

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  • rwyoung

    From memory and a quick check of Ron’s store, toothed blades are not available? Is that correct?

    I can haz toothed scraper blade?

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