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Looking for a Weekend Woodworking Fix?

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If you have a yen to get into the shop but don’t have much time, take a look at the three “I Can Do That” projects I’ve just posted – they’re simple enough that they won’t take more than a few hours’ work for the experienced woodworker (and good-looking enough that you’ll want to make them), and a novice woodworker can no doubt knock one out in a weekend. You’ll now find my “Victorian Side Table” (December 2010) and “Pirate Chest” (February 2011) – as well as Editor Christopher Schwarz’s “Tool Rack” (which also works well as a kitchen rack, I think) from the current issue, which is mailing to subscribers right now.

And by the way – thanks to all of you who have sent pictures of your “ICDT” builds. Its always fun to see how you’re adapting our plans (including using through-tenons to secure the shelves on the table above, and adding metal straps to the pirate chest). Keep those pictures coming!

I hope “DadVolk” doesn’t mind my posting his picture. He changed the angle on the shelves to accommodate larger books – but what I really like is the exuberant finish and decoration – perfect, as these are for a pre-school classroom.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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