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Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at Berea College, Kentucky

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I attended Lie-Nielsen’s recent hand tool event in Berea, Kentucky. They make the rounds across the country in the spring and fall, demonstrating their lineup of handtools. It’s an opportunity to put tools to wood and figure out if you’re a bevel-up or bevel-down sort of woodworker. I didn’t walk away with any new tools myself but had a blast talking with the Lie-Nielsen staff and vendors. Here are a few images from the event!

– David Lyell 

Lie-Nielsen brings almost their entire catalog of tools to their events.

Block planes, shoulder planes, bevel-up, skew rabbet planes and more… you name it!

I will probably never buy a corner chisel, but at an event like this, I got to try one.

Lie-Nielsen staffs these events with knowledgeable woodworkers who can teach and speak from experience.

Sharpening wasn’t forgotten, the team taught sharpening throughout the day as well.

Isaac Smith demonstrates his frame saw.

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