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Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event March 11-12. And Beer.

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I must admit I’m more excited than usual for this year’s Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event in Greater Cincinnati (March 11-12). And it might have a little something to do with my not having to clean up our offices for it, and not having to borrow our neighbor’s forklift.

We’ll be there (along with an incredible array of other guest demonstrators), but instead of holding the event in our shop/office/photo studio this year, it will be at Braxton Brewery, just over the river from downtown Cincinnati in Covington, Ky. The fact that there is beer on site might also have a teensy bit to do with my excitement; thanks to Christopher Schwarz’s good taste in IPAs and expert tutelage on all things hops, I’ve actually started to like some craft beers. After I’m done using tools, of course.

But before you (or I) have a beer, the event is a great opportunity to try out most of the top-quality tools Lie-Nielsen Toolworks offers, and to get advice on using the tools from their expert woodworkers (plus Lie-Nielsen offers free shipping on most items ordered at the show).

Popular Woodworking Magazine is among the guests – and by the by, if the stars align properly, we should Christopher’s hot-off-the-press “Make a Traditional English Tool Chest” DVD on hand. I plan to make some rabbeted and nailed tills for my tool chest during the show; I’ve been spending all my free time on destruction…time to construct something!

Other guest demonstrators include Lost Art Press (John Hoffman and Christopher Schwarz), Daed Toolworks (Raney Nelson), Scott Meek Woodworks (Scott Meek…perhaps obviously), planemaker  Caleb James, Voigt Planes (Steve Voigt), The Lazarus Handplane Co. (Mateo Panzica), Walke-Moore Tools (Aaron Moore) and author/furniture makers (and the PWM Design Matters columnist) George Walker. Plus rumor has it a couple other high-profile woodworkers and toolmakers will also be there…I’ll name names once those rumors are confirmed.

In other words, it’s a can’t miss event. Click here for more information, including hours and directions. Hope to see you there!


I bought the No. 4 on the right at my very first Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event (I think it was spring 2006). The No. 2 on the left is new to me; I’m going to put it to work during an upcoming project to see if I like it (I do have very small hands) or if I want a No. 3. Pin on Pinterest

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • mslorax

    I can’t make the event. Will there be a digital download of the ATC dvd available?

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      There will. It (and the DVD version) should be in the store ( at about the same time as the show – or perhaps just a few days later.

  • pmac

    Whoever does Lie-Nielsen’s marketing is a genius to have a tool event at a brewery. If they are really thinking, they’ll give a free beer to everyone as they come in. A couple of beers and the wallets will open up.
    ” I don’t know if I really need this”, becomes: “Ring it up!” Then everyone goes to the bar to talk about all the great tools they bought as they buy more beer and get talked into even more purchases. Pure genius.

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